Hair Chalking

Kathryn found hair chalking on pinterest. So she begged for me to take her to Ben Franklin to buy some oil pastels. She loves it. But guess what? So does someone else! However, I have to be sneaky in taking pictures of her or she’ll get upset.


She’s trying to chalk her hair yellow. As you can see, we’re at the dinner table eating. She has her rice in front of her.Instead, she’s trying to color her hair.




This is serious work here. No joke. She’s concentrating very hard to make sure it works out. After she was done, it was on her forehead and her hands. I wanted a picture of her in her mess and she wanted nothing to do with it. So she ran.


I finally told her that for her to get in the bathtub, I wanted some pictures. She loves the bath since I gave her my sponge to play with. She knew I meant business…


It’s hard work being a 3 year old.


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