Wisdom Teeth,

Do they really make you wiser? Well, I shall never know. I had mine pulled when I was 25. I had room for them. However, they were fickle little things. They’d come up, then they’d sink back down. I lived with this for about 3 years when I decided I’d had enough!

Well, lets talk about Lauren, shall we? The children in my family are famous… no, notorious! for their teeth growing in late. So I wasn’t too surprised that when we went in for our first consultation for braces for Lauren that not all of her 12 year old molars were in. I mean after all, she was only 13, no biggie right? Well, they wanted to wait 6 months to see if this molar would come in. There was this wisdom tooth that was making it hard for it to come down. Six months later and the tooth hasn’t come in yet. It had broken the surface, but just barely. So off to the oral surgeon we went. They wanted to take out the wisdom tooth and mount a gold bracket with a hook on her molar and force the tooth down to go with her braces. Well… she has no room in her mouth for her teeth and they couldn’t save her molar. So they had to take both out.

WARNING… I’m about to show her teeth that were yanked out. The reactions I get out of people are two different ones.

1- Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, that’s so GROSS!!!!


2- Wow! That’s so cool, let me see them again!

If you’re the former, please stop now. I’m going to show them off. Smile 













Lauren tooth 1

The one on the left is her wisdom tooth. The one on the right is her molar they couldn’t save. Now mind you, there are no cavities, these were up in her jaw. So you can see how malformed her wisdom tooth is. Here’s a better picture of it:

Lauren tooth 4

She’ll eventually need to get her other three out, but not until she’s done with her braces. Here are a couple more pictures of her teeth.

Lauren Tooth 2Lauren tooth 3

And that is why I didn’t have Lauren in any of my pictures from daring teenagers post. She was tucked safely at her Grandmom’s house. She sure did luck out!


One comment on “Wisdom Teeth,

  1. Andrea B says:

    WOW! First of all, I had no idea wisdom teeth were so small. I had all 4 taken out when I was 16. They were impacted and I had no room for them.

    Second, I LOVE that second tooth – the root is amazing!

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