Never Dare a Teenager

So I have the sweet Kaylee Boone over at my house for the day. She and Kathryn are going to be a judge at their Wednesday night mutual “Modest is hottest” toilet paper fashion show. So Kaylee gets here and she puts on her “judging” outfit. She brought some stuff for Kathryn to try on. Well… I dared them to wear them out in public. And, here they are… in all their embarrassment glory.

Eating at alfy's

Here we are at Alfy’s. You know, it being Monroe, we ran into all sorts of people that we’d know.

I didn’t get any pictures of them at goodwill, but we did run into two girls from church and the bishop from Sultan. He took a picture of them and was going to paste it on Facebook. Beat ya too it bishop!

However, I did get them in Lowes. And we ran into the Arnesen’s too! I thought we saw the Tunnell’s van,but I may have been mistaken… or they we didn’t have the pleasure of running into us them!

Shopping at Lowes

How is your presidents day going?


One comment on “Never Dare a Teenager

  1. […] Beehive presidency was in charge of the activity, they made themselves the judges. Remember this post? These were the clothes they were going to originally wear, but Kathryn decided at the last minute […]

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