Benjamin… You’re Not 17 Anymore…

My sweet husband. He loves the fact that he’s 5 years younger than me. Yes, I robbed the cradle and I’m quite proud of the fact. Hey, they’re so much easier to train when you marry them young. Winking smile

So we were going to have roast for dinner. I put it in the crock pot before I left for work. I totally forgot to get some french bread so I called him and asked him if he could get some. (He was working from home that day) He said sure. So I was pleasantly surprised to see his car when I drove in the garage. I should have known better. I mean really. I’ve been married to him for almost 7 years. He hadn’t even gone yet and would I like to go? He’d be glad to take Lily. Well, remember this incident? Yeah, we sort of had one again while I was gone to Safeway to get bread. Except Benjamin actually tried to get this balloon down.

Let me back up some, shall I? I have this huge ledge above my door. Like 10 feet wide ledge. I’ve been looking on pinterest for some ideas and finally went and got some stuff from TJ Maxx. Love that store btw… I needed Karl to come and put it up. I just didn’t want Benjamin attempting it. Man oh man was I right. So here is some pictures of Karl up on the ledge putting what I bought up on the ledge. Also? I’d love some feedback as to what the women really think about my little arrangement. Is it too small? Ugly? I’d be really interested. Ok, onto the pictures.


OK, so for the record, my walls go up 20 feet in my entryway and my living room. The small window that is under Karl’s feet? I have two of those, on either side of my door. My door is tall, like 9 feet tall. Karl jumps up onto the small ledge of the window, from there, he jumps up to get his hands onto the ledge and then shimmies himself up the wall until he finally can sit. I had him come and put up this:


Again, I’m not done, but I’d love some feedback. So Anyway, back to my story. I’m away at Safeway and Lily has some balloons left over from Kathryn’s party. One accidentally gets up on the ceiling in the front entryway.


So Benjamin thinks he can climb up that ledge. Instead, I come home to Kathryn having the most horrified look on her face and Benjamin looking like this:IMG_5632IMG_5633

He fell down. Hard. He just couldn’t make. it. up. the. ledge. To get Lily’s balloon.

Benjamin my love,

You’re not 17 anymore. I would really like it if you’d leave the ledge climbing up to Karl.


Your loving wife, Sara


2 comments on “Benjamin… You’re Not 17 Anymore…

  1. Michelle says:

    Love the decorations! As long as your gonna add more. I know how it is though decorating a little at a time! That’s the story of my life!

  2. Bridget says:

    I like the decorations, but I think they are too small for that space. They look like they’d go well on an entry table. But if Lily is anything like Jocelyn having something breakable at 3 year old level isn’t a great idea. I have a ledge just like that above my front door. It sits empty 11 months out of the year. Black Friday to New Year’s Eve it’s got a Father Christmas, nativity scene and Christmas village on it.

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