Kathryn’s 13th Birthday Party

So we had Kathryn’s birthday party on Saturday. There were a couple of highlights. I’d like to say it was our first coed birthday party, but we’ve always had boy cousins and Alan. Sadly, Alan couldn’t come this year. Instead we had Kyle O, Kyle D and Noah. They played Just Dance 3 and Wipe Out for the Kinect. They also went on a walk, opened presents and as you can see from my post below, sucked in helium from the balloons. Here are some pictures:



Kathryn thought she’d be funny and put the balloon in front of her face. Why they thought they needed the balloons in the living room where we have a ceiling that goes up 20 feet, I’ll never know. Linnea was playing with her balloon and before we know… it was up here: IMG_5584IMG_5631

Here it is, the one on the right was taken at night so the lighting wasn’t as good. Yes, it’s still there. *sigh* We have no way to get it down at this point, so it will be our constant companion until it runs out of helium and with it being a mylar… oh, about 6 months or so?


Here’s Sam.                                          And Kaylee.


Linnea and Mary.                                    And Mary and Kathryn.



Linnea knows us too well… Little story here… Benjamin loves chocolate. He had brought home a satin pie made by Marie Callender’s that looks like this. Anyway, Kathryn was all excited that he’d brought it home and called it satan pie. So when Linnea came to spend the night a couple of weekends ago, I had brought some home. We called it satan pie and she thought we were nuts. So she couldn’t help herself… and drew Kathryn a “satan pie”


Regular Kathryn look. Yes, you feel sorry for me.



Kathryn and Linnea sucking in as much Helium as they could!


The aftermath… which wasn’t too bad.

And I just realized that the boys stayed out of most of the pictures… It must be a boy thing because if you watch the youtube videos, they aren’t singing to her either…


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