Kathryn… a Judge?

What were they thinking?

Actually, Kathryn is in her Beehive presidency at church. The theme was “Modest is hottest” and they were doing toilet paper dresses. So since the Beehive presidency was in charge of the activity, they made themselves the judges. Remember this post? These were the clothes they were going to originally wear, but Kathryn decided at the last minute to change her outfit. She’s quite the ham. Remember… 2nd child syndrome. IMG_5665IMG_5666IMG_5669

Yeah, she has no problem posing…





She loves her cell phone. And the texting. She always has her phone and texting. She didn’t have any pockets… So she stuffed it in the waistband of her tights.


Next time you’re wondering how a 2nd child acts… just come back here.


Hair Chalking

Kathryn found hair chalking on pinterest. So she begged for me to take her to Ben Franklin to buy some oil pastels. She loves it. But guess what? So does someone else! However, I have to be sneaky in taking pictures of her or she’ll get upset.


She’s trying to chalk her hair yellow. As you can see, we’re at the dinner table eating. She has her rice in front of her.Instead, she’s trying to color her hair.




This is serious work here. No joke. She’s concentrating very hard to make sure it works out. After she was done, it was on her forehead and her hands. I wanted a picture of her in her mess and she wanted nothing to do with it. So she ran.


I finally told her that for her to get in the bathtub, I wanted some pictures. She loves the bath since I gave her my sponge to play with. She knew I meant business…


It’s hard work being a 3 year old.

Ash Wednesday?

So, I know we’re not catholic, but I swear that Lily still has some ash residue leftover from yesterday… What do you think?





She also thinks that she’s famous or something. She kept yelling at me “No pictures!”





Wisdom Teeth,

Do they really make you wiser? Well, I shall never know. I had mine pulled when I was 25. I had room for them. However, they were fickle little things. They’d come up, then they’d sink back down. I lived with this for about 3 years when I decided I’d had enough!

Well, lets talk about Lauren, shall we? The children in my family are famous… no, notorious! for their teeth growing in late. So I wasn’t too surprised that when we went in for our first consultation for braces for Lauren that not all of her 12 year old molars were in. I mean after all, she was only 13, no biggie right? Well, they wanted to wait 6 months to see if this molar would come in. There was this wisdom tooth that was making it hard for it to come down. Six months later and the tooth hasn’t come in yet. It had broken the surface, but just barely. So off to the oral surgeon we went. They wanted to take out the wisdom tooth and mount a gold bracket with a hook on her molar and force the tooth down to go with her braces. Well… she has no room in her mouth for her teeth and they couldn’t save her molar. So they had to take both out.

WARNING… I’m about to show her teeth that were yanked out. The reactions I get out of people are two different ones.

1- Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, that’s so GROSS!!!!


2- Wow! That’s so cool, let me see them again!

If you’re the former, please stop now. I’m going to show them off. Smile 













Lauren tooth 1

The one on the left is her wisdom tooth. The one on the right is her molar they couldn’t save. Now mind you, there are no cavities, these were up in her jaw. So you can see how malformed her wisdom tooth is. Here’s a better picture of it:

Lauren tooth 4

She’ll eventually need to get her other three out, but not until she’s done with her braces. Here are a couple more pictures of her teeth.

Lauren Tooth 2Lauren tooth 3

And that is why I didn’t have Lauren in any of my pictures from daring teenagers post. She was tucked safely at her Grandmom’s house. She sure did luck out!

Never Dare a Teenager

So I have the sweet Kaylee Boone over at my house for the day. She and Kathryn are going to be a judge at their Wednesday night mutual “Modest is hottest” toilet paper fashion show. So Kaylee gets here and she puts on her “judging” outfit. She brought some stuff for Kathryn to try on. Well… I dared them to wear them out in public. And, here they are… in all their embarrassment glory.

Eating at alfy's

Here we are at Alfy’s. You know, it being Monroe, we ran into all sorts of people that we’d know.

I didn’t get any pictures of them at goodwill, but we did run into two girls from church and the bishop from Sultan. He took a picture of them and was going to paste it on Facebook. Beat ya too it bishop!

However, I did get them in Lowes. And we ran into the Arnesen’s too! I thought we saw the Tunnell’s van,but I may have been mistaken… or they we didn’t have the pleasure of running into us them!

Shopping at Lowes

How is your presidents day going?

31 Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Benjamin!! I love you so much and I’m so blessed to have you in my life and for eternity! So there is a blog I follow but she’s not on my blog list that I stalk because her blog is private. However, her husband just had a birthday and she put as many reasons as he was old, so I thought I’d do that too! Yes, my baby of a husband is 31! Wow… so old… NOT! These are also going to be very random.

Reason #1 He’s a huge nerd. This actually comes in very handy. He’s always fixing things or when my mother calls, he gets her where she needs to be and makes it look all so simple.


Reason #2 He gets just as excited with the girls’ Christmas presents as they do.

Santa Pictures 2009 319

Reason #3 He tries to keep his girls’ happy. Even if it’s to his own health.


Reason #4 He’ll get out into the ocean and play with the children.


Reason #5 He’ll even build sand castles.


Reason #6 He’s willing to bury children in the sand when they want him to.


Reason #7  He spoils his children rotten.


Reason #8  He loves to play in the snow.


Reason #9  He provides well for us so we can live in a nice home.


Reason #10  He’ll follow Lily around helping her find eggs at Easter time.


Reason #11  He’s always up for a good laugh. Even if you don’t think so. He is quite the prude.

Thanksgiving 2009 050

Reason #12   He’ll hold the squalling baby and even does it with a good attitude.

Thanksgiving 2009 047

Reason #13  He puts up with my family. Namely, my brother’s.

Thanksgiving 2009 028

Reason #14  He’s a good dad. Amy Lynne loved the sound of his voice. She’d always turn her head towards him when he came in the hospital room.


Reason #15  He loves hockey. In fact, we’re going to Nashville so he can see his predators play. These are pajama pants that his mother made him for Christmas of 2006.


Reason #16  He’ll dress up with us even if it’s not on his top 10 list of things to dress up as.


Reason #17   He’ll play balloon toss and enjoy it with the children.


Reason #18  He’ll pretend to be a body builder with the girls.


Reason #19  He married me…

Cheese! Sara

Reason #20  He loves my older girls’ as though they were his own blood.

New Family

Reason #21  He married me knowing my family…


Reason #22  He always carried Lily when she was a baby. She loved that bjorn.


Reason #23  He was ok being in the same area as the bobsie twins.


Reason #24  He’ll be near and hold Lily even when she is snotty and wet.


Reason #25  He’ll set up the water slide and enjoy it too!


Reason #26  He loves to play with fireworks and has gotten Lily to love it as well.


Reason #27  He’ll carve pumpkins with the girls’ even if he doesn’t like it.


Reason #28  He loves to take the girls’ trick or treating. This was a costume he liked this year. Winking smile


Reason #29  He loves to play with bubbles as much as Lily & Kjelly do! They are actually waiting for the bubbles to come to them, it’s just a ways away.


Reason #30  He honors his priesthood. We don’t have a picture of Amy Lynne’s blessing because it was done in the hospital. She was still in her isolette. During the prayer, she reached up and touched Benjamin’s hand.

Picture 473DSC_0102PICT0738

Reason #31  He loves all his children. Whether they’re almost as tall as him or if they fit into both his hands. Oh and me. He loves me even if he doesn’t like me singing to him early in the mornings.


Happy Birthday Benjamin! I look forward to eternity!

2nd Most Scariest Day

You wonder what this is?

Wanna know my most scariest moment of my life? When I watched Amy Lynne die. I was so scared I wouldn’t’ know what she would look like, how we would know she was really gone.

My 2nd most scariest day of my life? Today. We have a lady in our ward who is battling cancer. She is very sick and so as a ward, we were doing a fast and then we were to meet at the ward building to break the fast. I wanted to fast, but having type I diabetes makes it so I can’t. I encouraged my daughters to fast for this sweet sister. Kathryn took the challenge. So we went tonight to pray with the rest of our ward who were also fasting. We were pretty squished in the primary room. The Bishop was hoping to kneel and now after everything is said and done, I wish we would have. So we were all standing and waiting for everyone to arrive. Finally he thanked everyone for coming and some other very touching stuff. We then prayed. The prayer probably lasted about 5 minutes. We could feel the spirit strongly. So the Bishop finishes the prayer and Kathryn turns around and she was white as a sheet. The last time I saw one of my daughter’s with her face looking like that, she had just died.

She can’t see me, she asks in this little voice, “mama?” and then collapsed into me. I urgently asked for a chair, she was going down and she is the size of a grown woman and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold her. We obviously were able to revive her, but she was so pale. One of the ward members is a police officer and he saw this so he was talking to her to get her to move around to get the blood flowing, the other brother is one of our scout leaders and he had some gum that had sugar in it. He told her to start chewing to get some sugar into her. She had been fasting all day… she started last night. I don’t know that I’ll let her fast again for that long. I know the Lord will understand. And I hope our fasting will help our sweet Sister Golden.

And, I hope I never see one of my daughter’s faces like that again. It scared me too much.