January 27, 2012

NYEE aka: New Year Eve Elf

This has been a tradition in my family since my father was a little boy. Each year, the NYEE comes to our house and leaves little presents to ring in the new year. He leaves little clues to where the children can find presents.I’ve blogged about it before. You can find it here.

So this year he decided to scramble the words. And add extra letters into the clues. It looked something like this:


It. Did. Them. In. They ended up just going around the house looking for the stuff. It made me giggle. Usually they’re running from place to place. This year it was much harder for them. Here are some of the places that the loot was hidden.


This is the first initial clue along with some fun stuff. The NYEE was so kind as to not hide our stuff. He just left our loot out!


This candy was hidden on the keyboard that got pushed in under the desk. I had to point out to them. By this time they were very frustrated. It was also frustrating to them because they accidentally slept in and we have 9am church. They wanted to have everything found before we left. As we say in my office: That ain’t gonna happen!


Loot was found in our pantry.


Under our dining table. The one in our breakfast nook, not my brand new table in our dining room.


In our front closet where we keep all of our shoes. Hopefully to be moved into the garage in the near future… Not the closet but the shoes…


In the refrigerator



In the girls’ bathroom closet


This was their final loot. So little stuff followed with something more substantial. A crystal growing kit for Lauren, a nutcracker to paint for Kathryn and an iTunes card for the girls to share.


Maybe the NYEE will be a bit easier on them next year…

Question of the day: Do you have any fun traditions that are in your house during the holidays you’d like to share?


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