January 26, 2012

Christmas morning is here! At first, we were going to let Lily sleep in until she woke up just because she isn’t in the best of moods if she’s woken up. Then the older girls bugged me and my mother gave me the guilt trip.. so we let the girls wake us up at 6am. Big mistake. HUGE. For us that is. Waking up Lily wasn’t the brightest idea… Oh well. So I made them stop at the top of the stairs before coming down.
Kathryn was too excited to wait, she was the first one there, elbowing her sisters and dad out of the way!
IMG_5302Lauren doesn’t realize what Santa got her yet.

Lily still isn’t sure if she wants to be up this early. She ended up not wanting to wear her brand new pajamas and wore a pair that I had bought her a couple of months ago.
Lauren and her loot:
Yes, Lauren received an iPad. Spoiled little brat. Smile with tongue out
She also received :
A huge Sephora palette of make-up, 96 eye shadow colors, blush, lip gloss and lip stick, eye liner and mascara. It’s the bomb.
Remember this day? Day 5? Well, we decided since we love it so much and we basically fight over who gets to have it? So we got Lauren one too.
Kathryn’s loot:
That’s a pretty satisfied look on that little girl’s face. Santa didn’t go over the top, just got her a 32” which I might remind all of you, we didn’t have that big of a TV until last Father’s day and Benjamin got his huge TV… hey, I haven’t blogged about that. Hmmm, I’ll get to that too!
Kathryn was finding all the presents! See that bag with the purple tissue paper? That’s my present.

She loved that box. Ironically enough, it’s from my cousin Terry. She had used that box to give me a Christmas present in. And I in turned used it for a box for Kathryn. Waste not, want not.
Lily’s loot:
IMG_5293 - CopyIMG_5294 - Copy
She loves this bike. Funny story. The day after Christmas, her front tire got a flat. We had to take it to replace it and she kept cursing Santa. She didn’t. like. him. He gave her a bike that was broken!!! It’s all good now. She whips around our house in it and knows how to brake and the whole thing. I’m sure by this summer, the training wheels will come off.

It was too early in the morning for her to open her presents. This was the best look I could get.
Benjamin’s loot:
IMG_5283 - Copy
If you’re wondering what it is, it’s one of these. That is why he didn’t have any presents to open under the tree.
I had one present under the tree and it was this. Santa left me a little pile of goodies too.
 IMG_5284 - Copy
And that was our Christmas!


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