January 24, 2012

So I accidentally deleted my January 19th post. It’s a good thing that I have live writer so I can go back into that post and repost it. Either way, I’ll have it fixed before you read this post. I’m that goooooooooood. Um, yeah. So! We’re not getting to Christmas which considering that I was more than 6 months behind when I started my blog a day, I’m pretty impressed with myself. Yes, you can be impressed with me too. I’d appreciate it.

So I’m going to post about exchanging presents with my nephews, parent’s and baby brother. It started on Christmas eve with Jeri, and her 3 boys. Of course, I got in about 4 pictures before my battery died. Yes, I’m that awesome. We let the babies open their presents first. Kjelly was so excited to get his pirate ship that we got him. Well, Jeri bought it and then I paid Jeri back.



Jeri got Lily a trampoline for the house. For some reason she doesn’t like to open presents herself. Someone always has to “help” her. I think ripping the paper does her in. She hates to do it.

Lauren received an amazon gift card and another bear cats sweatshirt which she loved. She’s wearing it in some of the pictures posted below. Kathryn received a bear knitted hat. You can see it here. She also took her to famous footwear for a pair of shoes. She picked out boots.

We got Erik a wii game and it wasn’t cheap and he wanted to know what else we’d bought him. I told him that $50 was a pretty expensive gift and to be grateful for it. Karl received some racing game for the XBox 360 to which he promptly unwrapped it and started playing it at our house while Jeri took Kathryn to actually buy the boots. She had given her a gift card.

Then on Christmas day we had my parent’s and baby brother over for Christmas dinner of Ham and a pot roast. We got to use my Christmas gift from my parent’s which is this. I love my new table! Either way before we ate, we exchanged gifts.


We gave my dad a personalized license plate. He’s always talked about one so I decided that we’d give him one. Yes, this is for as long as he wants it. We’ll pay the extra charge to keep it every year.


Lauren is wearing the sweatshirt that Jeri gave her for Christmas. Lauren received an iHome docking station for her brand new iPad that she got for Christmas. Spoiled? I think so.


Kathryn received a blu-ray player to go with her brand new flat screen TV. Spoiled? I think so.


Here’s the Grizz shaking his present…


He sure does love to read… As you can see by the look on his face.


She needed Daddy to help her open her presents… and then, drum roll please! *pun intended* she got a drum set from my parent’s!


Lauren also received a flat iron from Grandma.

Then I casually mentioned that Benjamin didn’t have a present under the Christmas tree to open and that did my mother in. Even though the table was a present to the both of us from my parent’s, she couldn’t handle it. So….


A Benjamin for the Benjamin!

Not pictured is my mother who got a gorgeous pair of green amethyst and diamond earrings from my dad, a sterling silver bee from us to put on her crazy quilt and a black onyx and diamond pendant necklace from us and a vintage honey pot from Terry, my cousin. She’d kill me if I posted pictures of her so you’ll just have to use your imagination! Actually  I sort of figured out how to post the earrings my dad got my mother. See below.


I know I’m doing this out of order, but tomorrow will be Christmas Eve!


One comment on “January 24, 2012

  1. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas Eve!! Can't wait to see the Christmas pics. I am so behind I just decided to skip it entirely. :)

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