January 20, 2012

whoops! I totally forgot to blog today. I can still sneak it in. I ended up going into the office around 11 this morning and well… I forgot. This is why I blog days in advance! So it finally started to rain, can we get a hell yeah?!! The snow is melting! However, before the snow started to melt, we got some sledding in. Down our slight incline of our driveway that is.


It all started when Kathryn tried to go down and it wouldn’t go very well. So Benjamin took the shovel and as you can see, he’s trying to make the snow more compact and icy so they can sled better. Lily is very excited about this, she’s following him down the drive.


Lily is getting into this. A lot. She’s ready to jump on it!



She decides that pulling her down the drive like that isn’t going to work. So we try and look for rope and we don’t have any… but, we do have a jump rope! So I quickly went in and grabbed it and handed it to her.


Meanwhile, the shovel is totally forgotten. Who wants to “help” daddy when you can have a sister rip you up and down the driveway on a sled? I mean really?!




Going down…                                               Coming back up!


So after that, I go back into the warm house, only for Kathryn to come in all excited that Lily is going head first down the drive. Camera back out…



Oh, how she loved sledding! I’m truly hoping that we’re done now for the next oh, 5 years or so.


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