January 19, 2012

Yay, it’s snowing again. *insert sarcasm*

Really, I’m ready for it to stop. And it was supposed to. Stop that is. But noooooooooooooo. As I look out the window it still snowing. It was supposed to rain today. So anyway, I have more pictures of the snow and the children playing in it. Lauren was at my parent’s house and so I don’t have any pictures of her. I know Kathryn will wonder why we don’t have as many pictures of her as I do Lily and this is my story. Kathryn is intent on building an igloo. Really, there are only so many pictures I can take of her doing that. Also, when she was younger, I have pictures of her playing in the snow, but there weren’t digital pictures back then. So since snow is so new to Lily, her facial expressions are a delight.


So you can see how much we’ve gotten and this is Tuesday…


Lily: Excited that there’s snow. This is the first year she’s understood the concept. Kathryn: Digging her igloo out. This is the same expression on her face the whole time.


Twinkies A & B. I took this second shot on the right so you can see how much snow was on the shovel… Remember 9 car spaces is how big our driveway is. He literally spent hours scooping and throwing.


Lily was so excited we had found her shovel. She lost interest in helping her dad so she took her shovel and went to help Kathryn. Of course, I yelled to look up so I could take a picture of them both.



She whipped her hands up in the air, Don’t hit me dad! To which she promptly got some snow in her hands and threw a snowball at him.



Hey, throwing snowballs is a GREAT idea!



Scooping it up, getting ready… throw! you can see the tiny snowball right under Benjamin’s arm. She thought it was so funny. She was laughing hysterically at this point.


Benjamin putting her hood back on her head so she wouldn’t be cold and patting it on her heard. It was pretty funny.


One comment on “January 19, 2012

  1. Snow is fun, but it gets real old, real fast! Glad lily is enjoying it so much! And Benjamin. ;)

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