January 18, 2012

We interrupt this regular posting for some serious weather. We have been dumped on. We have so much snow it’s INSANE. However, Lily LOVES the snow. Which is really funny since a year and a half ago, my mother took us to Montana for spring break and the house we stayed in was located up in the mountains on a ski resort and she hated it. She has since changed her mind. So there are a couple of days of snow and I’m going to blog about that. We’ll then continue with our 12 days of Christmas. Open-mouthed smile And Christmas itself and what we all got.



The girls’ decided that they wanted to build a snowman. I’m in the house, minding my own business when I hear someone come into the house. It’s Lily. I’m thinking she’s finished with the snow already. Nope, she needs a carrot for the snowman’s nose. In she tracks all the wet snow. Out she goes. So I decided that I probably should get some pictures.


Here is Lily, thinking she needs to add more snow to our snowman. Then the older girls have another idea…



You guessed it. Our snowman because a snowgirl! I mean except for Benjamin, we’re all girls!

In the mean time, Benjamin is trying to shovel our driveway. It’s huge. We have a three car garage so that’s how wide it is. We then have enough room to park 9 cars in our driveway. So he’s working his way to the side of the driveway and then he’s throwing the snow onto a pile. Well… he didn’t know that Lily was behind that pile. He throws the snow over and you see a little head pop up with her hands in the air.


She yells “Don’t hit me dad! I’m behind here!” It was really cute. IMG_5461

In the mean time, the older girls are trying to finish up the snowgirl.


And goofing off. You know, if I had boys, I would never allow this. So I wonder why I allow it with girls and even laugh?


As you can see, The snow is up to her knees. Little did we know that it would keep coming and school has been cancelled all week long. Yay… not really.

Question of the day: What do you like to do on snow days?


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