January 14, 2012

I’m almost caught up! This is way exciting! Open-mouthed smile 

So after Thanksgiving, Kathryn had her first concert of the year. This year the school has a lot more kids and so the seating was different and we had crummy seating even though we were there way early. Looooong story and I’m not going to get into it. Kathryn plays french horn this year with one other boy. She loves it. IMG_5187

Here she is walking to her seating.


This is one her her when she was actually playing. Well, before she was playing because you can see that’s she’s flirting with the boy who has his head turned. But close enough, right?


They’re standing up here for us to give them their ovation.


Now they’re sitting in the bleachers and waiting for the other students to play.

After that and it’s finished, we decided to wait in the same place because it was literally a mad house.

It was then that I got some pictures that I’m happy with.



She’s growing up way tooooo fast for me thankyouverymuch.


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