January 13, 2012

We had the fun time of having Jason and his children come up for Thanksgiving. While I have no pictures of getting things prepped (it was at my house) it was fun. I have a huge formal dining room and we put two tables together and my mother and I sat at opposite ends of the table. She came and spent the night at my house. We then got up together early and started to prepare the bird. We had made the stuffing the night before and added the wet ingredients to the dry ones and then I went to work stuffing the bird. That was some hard work and not for the faint of heart. I was literally hitting the stuffing with my fist to try and get. it. all. in. there. It was really yummy. We siblings all fight over the stuffing. In fact, my piggy brother ate to much the next day, I had to HIDE the rest of the stuffing from him or I wouldn’t get any!
My mother also has this awesome recipe for sweet rolls. We made the X6 what the batch called for because we love us some rolls. Don’t mess with us and my mother’s rolls. Just sayin’. Then all the girls set the table, including Lily. She wanted in on this too. Too bad they aren’t as excited to clean up after…
The night before we had all the cousins come over for a party. Mom wanted some pictures of the grandchildren together. Here it is:
Trying to get the babies in the picture…
No Lily, it’s mom’s turn to take the pictures, please put the camera down. Kjelly, put your hands down and please don’t pretend you can’t see us unless you’re looking through binoculars!
Lily… LOOK at the camera. Dang, that would have been good.
Jeanene, you worry about yourself and not Lily and if she’s paying attention to the camera or not. Erik, take your hand down. *sigh*
Well, that would have been a good picture if Erik had been paying attention and not making faces… again.
ERIK! Turn around and pay attention… are we seeing a theme here?
This one will do, but Kjelly is playing with his nose… just one more try….
And Gerrit has his eyes closed. I give up.
Question of the day…. Any suggestions on how to get all the children to look at you at once? hahahahahahahahahaha I crack myself up.


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