January 12, 2012

First off, may I say Happy Birthday to my Grandfather Boyle? If he was still alive, he’d be a 100 years old today. So I think we should have a birthday party for him.

So Lauren being a freshman at the High School and being in band… that means she gets to march and play her saxophone at the same time! She hates it. Marching, not the band. Being the parent of a freshman, I had no clue that she had to go to every home football game. And at least half of the basketball games. Mostly Benjamin was the parent to take her to the games and stay. I went to one game. Homecoming. I was told that I probably should have gone to a different game other than that one. Oh well, live and learn right?


She’s almost directly in the middle of this picture.


ATTENTION!                                              After the page is turned of course.


And after she sticks out her tongue.



Playing the music. They played at the beginning and they had to play at half time. After that, they could get out of their hats, and quickly get a break.



I’ll be better prepared next year… I think. Open-mouthed smile


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