January 11, 2012


We decided to let the girls have a Halloween party this year. It ended up that Kathryn’s friends were the only ones able to come. The party was instead of trick or treating. They’re getting too old!

I didn’t take too many pictures of the party. However, I let them play truth or dare (clean version of course) and here are just a couple of pictures from it. IMG_5095

Those are hot tamales and a Reese’s peanut butter cup. Linnea had to put these sour things in her mouth. She was all, no problem!IMG_5096

She was dressed up as a hockey player. They’re as much into hockey as we are!


They next day we carved pumpkins.



This was Lily’s first year of really carving the pumpkins and her understanding it. She loved it.



Kathryn had to wear gloves so she didn’t get the guts on her hands. I mean if that happened, the world would come to an end, right? She had 2 pumpkins.


                                                                    So I’m helping Lily cut an eye out.


Here’s Lily taking the eye out.  See the knife that Lauren’s holding? Yeah, there’s a story for that later.


Kathryn & Lauren are very serious about their carving.


Lexi got tired and decided that she needed a nap. Hey! She’s on facebook. Go on, you know you want to be friends with my dog!


Kathryn’s pumpkin.                                       Lauren’s pumpkin.


Lauren’s pumpkin… yes, vomiting. My girls’ have a warped sense of humor. I have no clue where they get that from. At all. Nope.


Lily outside with her pumpkin. She was so proud of that thing. It’s also really cold outside.


So remember the knife I mentioned above? How it had a story? Yeah, well, Lauren cut it at an angle so much that she just bent the blade off of the handle. So Kathryn being the child that she is wanted to pretend that her pumpkin was being stabbed. So he has a unhappy face because he’s being stabbed. She also tried to put tears coming out of his eye, but it didn’t work out so well.


Here is her other pumpkin. While Lauren’s is only vomiting, hers is projectile vomiting.


Nice little pile. Up above? Not so nice.

Question of the day: What do you like to carve on your pumpkin?


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