January 10, 2012

First day of school. For the older children that is. I’m trying to figure out how Kathryn got out of pictures. This year is the year that Lauren and Karl started seminary so they only caught the bus for the first week until they started the whole 6am seminary start.


Lauren didn’t want to buy lunch at school. She thought it would be too hard. That only lasted a week.


There are our sweet neighbor girls. Janae is in the middle and Jade is on the outside. It’s their garage that we’re in front of with my house in the background.


Walking to the bus stop. They’re not too happy. I mean after all, they’re in HIGH SCHOOL. Sheesh mom. Karl was trying really hard to not get his picture taken.


Silly boy. He knew I wasn’t about to give up and in fact I remember specifically telling him I’d keep taking pictures of him even as he was getting on the bus so he may as well give in so I only embarrass him once.


He listened to me. Smart boy.


Lily wanted to come out with me to see the bus swallow her sister.


And there it goes…

Question of the day: When are they too old to take pictures on the first day of school?


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