January 6, 2012

So the next day we played minute to win it. I’ve only watched the show a couple of times, so I wasn’t too sure how to play the games just that we only had a minute to do it in.


In this one, we put duct tape on a cup and you had to try and get it to the top of your stack. In this case, we just saw who had the tape nearer than the other child. Erik and Kathryn were pitted against each other.


I truly can’t remember who won this, but I’m thinking it was Kathryn just from this picture.

We then went onto cup stacking. Kjelly wanted to try…


Lily wanted to watch. IMG_4659And then wanted to play.

My mother ended up playing one of the children and losing miserably.

We then went onto playing ping pong Tic Tac Toe. I’ve never seen this even played and Karl immediately swooped in to be pitted against me. He was thinking that he could beat me after he lost sooooooo bad. So of course, me being the sore loser that I am myself started pumping myself up that I could win against him.


It only took me a couple of bounces to figure it out real quick. I won in 22 seconds. IN YOUR FACE! I know I should be better about that… and I’m not one to give in and let my kids win. That doesn’t happen in real life. I want them to know that when they play against me and they actually win, they know they’ve won and earned it. Open-mouthed smile

So since I made it look so easy, the others wanted to play as well.

IMG_4678IMG_4681Lauren and Kjelly trying it out.


Even Lily. However, I don’t think Lily really wanted to play the game… rather just play IN the water cups.

So after Karl lost to me again, he needed an ego booster. So he played the oreo game with Erik.


You start with an oreo on your forehead. You then work your facial muscles and try and get the oreo on your mouth and you can’t touch it with your hand unless you’re picking it up off the ground to put it back on your face.


It looks like Erik’s going to win…


However, Karl has the longer tongue! Even as a young child, he’s had a long tongue. In fact, he could put his tongue in his nose. I know TMI, but I HAD to share that one.


Karl won! Yay!! It just takes a long tongue… and for me to not play! So the other children wanted to try it out as well.


After that, the ping pong balls were used again. You had to gently blow them onto the duct tape and for them to stick. You have to do that on all three to win the game… in under a minute! Jeri and Erik…


IMG_4724IMG_4727IMG_4732Erik won this round.

We then went onto see who had the biggest mouth…

I really think between these two… Erik has the bigger mouth…





Lily says… stay tuned in for tomorrow for we play with the bubbles!!


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