January 5, 2012

Back to our regular programmed schedule!.

First off, may I say Happy Birthday Jeri! You too are now closer to 40 than 30. Sucks doesn’t it?? Winking smile

Back to the family vacation in August. It was just a fun time. A lot of relaxing, watching movies, taking naps. However, we pulled out the croquet set. All the grandchildren and Grandmom wanted to play. I of course didn’t play to take pictures.


Kjelly just didn’t want to wear pants… but he was ready!


Lily was ready too!


Everyone had a ball to match their mallet. Lily picked yellow.


Even though I took a ton of pictures, most of them had my mother in them and she won’t allow me to put them in here. Don’t worry, she lost.


Here is the winner of the game. He was doing a happy dance and shoving it in everyone’s faces. So I of course, had to bring him down a notch. I challenged him to a game just between him and me. And I made the course hard! Up hills, near bushes. We had a fabulous time.


Here we are starting out. Karl thinks he already has it in the bag… ha!


He really wanted it to go through… Just like a man to use force…




Remember the bushes comment? Well, he couldn’t get his ball to go up the hill through the wicket and instead it went into the bushes. Remember, only one whack per turn…


IMG_4575Lily watching her mother beat Karl!


We got to laughing so hard. He just couldn’t get his ball out from the bush. Once he did, he hit it so hard, it went into the bushes on the right side of the picture. Mine… well, all they need it a little tap and I beat the crap out of him… I still smile thinking about it.


Here he is still trying to get that ball up the hill and into the wicket. Even though it doesn’t look like it, it was a pretty steep hill. It was really fun. What was even better you ask?? I BEAT him. Yeah, I was doing the victory dance and he was a poor loser! That will teach him to do a victory dance when playing with toddlers!


After that, it was back into the water before it got too late and the water got too cold.


Grandmom got the babies a little boat to float in the water. Lily loved being in the water, but Kjelly wanted nothing to do with it.



Tune in for the next day…


One comment on “January 5, 2012

  1. Jackie says:

    About half way through I got confused as to why you were swimming in winter. Never mind that I JUST read about how this trip was in August. I'm losing it today.Looks like a blast!

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