January 3, 2012

So picking up where I left off, we went swimming once the tide came in. IMG_4482Lily was so excited to put on her life jacket. She wanted to get into the water!


It’s a bit cold! It still doesn’t stop the children and Jeri from wanting to get in and play anyway.


IMG_4500A little bit of my red head.



Lily decided that she didn’t want to get into that cold water (smart) and Kjelly wanted nothing to do with water. He was happy to be captain of his “pirate ship”





IMG_4536Erik was so proud that he could blow air out of his butt noodle.

Mean while the babies decided that they wanted to be MacGyver.



So that was the end of the first day. I’m trying to get these into days, so I’m going to cut this post short.

Question of the day: What is your favorite memory of a family vacation?


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