January 1, 2012


Whoa a new year! So I’m going to recap this past year. Which I never blogged about. So I think I stopped with our news in May. Well, technically I stopped with Kathryn’s birthday in May which was in February. I suck, I know it.

So in April, my mother took the grandchildren to Delta, UT to dig for trilobites. She really wanted that and they had a great time. No pictures, I didn’t go.

Mothers day happened in May and I got this new toy. Can I tell you how much I love it? I carry it with me everywhere. I then had to get a new purse because this one didn’t have enough room. So I got this one. Spoiled? I think so.

June we had Lily’s 3rd birthday party. We invited 12 children. Only Lily, her cousin Kjell and a little girl named Cadence came. Which turned out great. I mean check out some of these pictures!






bubbles on the tummy…





Kjell had to help her open her presents. She always needs “help” oh and how he loves to help!



She does not love it when people sing to her. Here she is giving the “look” that Grandmom invented. (more on that story later)



Getting ready to blow them out. And of course since it’s Mr. Moore’s birthday later on that month, we had to do it for him too…


So as you can see, we had a fabulous time!


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