Latest Ridiculous Argument

So this argument is way too long to post on the side. And yes, it needs it’s own post. It’s that RIDICULOUS.

Lauren: Mom, you missed the most awesome loop last night at midnight.
Me: Oh? Where did you go?
Lauren: We went out to Gold Bar. We almost made it to Sammamish. I had Dad turn around so we could go to McDonald’s!
Me: Excuse me? There is no way you could go to Sammamish. It’s the wrong highway.
Lauren: No, Sammamish is out that way. We just didn’t go that far. I had the rolo McFlurry!
Me: Lauren, Hwy 2 starts in Everett, goes through Snohomish then Monroe, Sultan, Gold Bar, Index.. and then you eventually run into Leavonworth. To get to Sammamish you have to take a different highway and will go through Duvall, Carnation, Fall City and then you’ll run into Sammamish. There is no way you went there by Hwy 2.
Lauren: You know what Mom? Grandpa took me to Sammamish and we went along Hwy 2.
Me: Lauren, you get lost all the time. You have no sense of direction. You didn’t make it to Sammamish. I promise you.
Lauren: Grandpa took me there.
Me: Wanna bet? We could bet some chores around the house.
Lauren: Heck no mom. I’m not going to bet you at all.
Mom: Ok, Lily. We’ll stop. *out of the side of my mouth* I’m right.
Lauren: I’m right.
*5 minutes pass*
Me: Lauren there is no way you could have gone to Sammamish. When we get to the office, I’ll get a map out and show you why you couldn’t even remotely get there via Hwy 2.
Lauren: Grandpa took me and he’s always right. So there mom!
Me: *grabs cell phone*
Dad: Hello?
Me: Dad, I need to talk to you. Lauren and I are having a ridiculous argument. Lauren thinks she’s right and I KNOW I’m right.
Dad: Oh no, not again! (From the last time I called my dad to settle a ridiculous argument between my mother and I about the Golden Plates)
Me: I promise you Dad, this one will be easy. Lauren thinks that when you went on a loop out to Hwy 2 that you went to Sammamish. I told her that there is no way that you went there.
Dad: *thinking* Ohhhhhh, tell her we went to Sultan Basin!
Me: Lauren, does Sultan Basin sound familiar?
Lauren: *shrinking in the front seat* Yes (in a very small voice)
Dad: You know, her sense of direction is just as bad as Jason’s. You know, we could put Jason in a car and drive 15 minutes. He’d never find his way back home. Lauren is just like that!
Me: Yes, I agree. Lauren would lost her head if it wasn’t properly screwed on!
Lauren: Yes, I know my sense of direction is messed up. Just like Uncle Jason! (no, she didn’t hear what my dad had just said about Jason. Which totally made it hilarious!)
Me: Thanks Dad. *hangs up* Oh yeah, I totally see how you could get Sultan Basin and Sammamish totally mixed up. I mean they even rhyme!
Lauren: Shut up, Mom.
Me: Would you still like to see the map?
Lauren: Shut up mom. You’re going to post this aren’t you?
Me: Of course. I win this one. Why would I post something where I lost?



Benjamin: another dead on balls accurate post (I say that all the time. The best saying ever. If you can name the movie, you get bonus points)
Me: interesting
Me: I’ll have to find a time to read her
Me: I wanna go to IKEA and get some shelving
Benjamin: I was on my conference call… hard to do other work when I’m listening… so I read a bunch
Me: I know, total 180
Me: would you like to know how my thought process went to get there?
Me: yes? you do?
Me: OK, I’ll explain
Me: I want time to just sit and do nothing but read her. I can’t do it at work, I’m too busy
Me: so I want to do it at home
Me: but then I think, laundry
Me: shoes
Me: the garage needs to be swept out
ME: the back yard needs weeding and some tlc
Benjamin: yep
Me: my den is a mess with unpacked boxes
Me: I want to take many more trips to goodwill (to get rid of stuff)
Me: it’s time
Me: and I feel like I need to do all of this before I can read this new rsm blog (Rock Star Mommy blog that is. I used to read her years ago and she was awesome!)
Me: so I get to thinking, I need something for my shoes
Me: I want the wooden shelving units from IKEA
Me: they’re shorter, wooden and nicer looking than what we can get at lowes
Me: and yes, all of that went through my head in a 20 second time span.
Me: there you go
Me: yes, you’re welcome to get into my brain on this wednesday afternoon
Benjamin: lol
Me: actually, I just looked, it was 15 seconds
Me: and I think I’ll post this