Kathryn’s Birthday

Was in February, but who’s counting anyway? Certainly not me… So I took a ton of pictures, unlike someone who shall remain nameless

We had her birthday on the first Friday in February. Benjamin’s father passed away and he was in Texas for the funeral. We thought that would be a good time for us to have a slumber party. So lets get this straight. Benjamin= All alone in Texas. Sara= At home with all the children plus 8 girls over for a slumber party…

Kathryn wanted a snitch cake. So my good friend Stephanie came to the rescue and made her cake.


She even had gold sprinkles that she had on the wings and the writing. You can see it with this picture below:


It was crazy busy while the children were here. They all decided that they wanted to get out their instruments and play. (I had picked them all up from school so they still had their backpacks and instruments)


There was a mother who had stopped by and she couldn’t handle the noise, so she suggested that Kathryn open up the present they had bought for her.


She was pretty excited… So was I!


The New Years Eve Elf brought the girls an Xbox 360 with kinect. This was our first official game for it. So all the girls + Alan went to the family room to play.

Since not all the girls could stay the night, we opened presents. She got some really cool stuff. Kayla (her surrogate mother) got her some roller blades so they could go out together and play.


After that, we ate dinner and then had cake and ice cream. I have a video of Kathryn trying to blow out her candles and I recorded it wrong. However, I’ll still post it. It’s dang funny. I had asked Kayla to go and get candles for Kathryn because I had forgotten to get some. So she thought she would be a smart alec and get some trick candles. Now, I have never done trick candles so it was a bit of surprise for Kathryn. She may have also been a bit of a ham…

I can’t get the video to upload, so I’ll need you to click here.

It’s also sideways. I had just gotten my camera and I thought that I could take video the other way. Obviously, I was mistaken.

So after we had cake and ice cream, we thought we’d pamper ourselves… So we had mud masks!

The only boy at the party and he was such a good sport:


After the mud masks, I just let the kids chill and do what they wanted to do. However, when it was time for me to go to bed, I left Kayla downstairs with the children and 1 rule. The rule was that they were to be quiet and not wake me up. I didn’t care when they went to bed, I didn’t care what they ate. Just don’t wake me up and be loud!

In the morning, I made them breakfast and then they got to make some bath salts. They loved it.


Caught red-handed. Her words, not mine.


Lily enjoying her breakfast which consisted of:


  1. Cake
  2. Cereal
  3. Banana
  4. Fruit Snacks

Breakfast of champions.

Here is the finished products. Yes, they made a total mess of my eating area.


After that, Kayla started to paint the mural on Kathryn’s wall. Later that weekend, Lily helped much to Kathryn’s chagrin.

Lily help paint

All in all, it was a good party.