Valentine’s Day

A couple of months late, but at least I’m doing it. I would probably have waited a couple of more days, but my friend Charity *HI CHARITY* asked me when I was going to update my blog. Oops, I’ve become one of those bloggers… Hmmm, looks like I may need to do another blog a day. Except I may not include weekends.

So, onto Valentine’s Day. First, let me set the mood for you.

We bought this blue car when I was preggo with Amy Lynne. We Benjamin loved it. It had a horrible turning radius, you couldn’t just go and get the oil changed, the dealer had to do it. You couldn’t just have a key made for your car, the dealer had to do it, you couldn’t change your headlights, you had to go in and have a dealer do it, (you had to take the bumpers off of the car to reach the headlights) You weren’t able to put chains on it. Those were just a few things that I didn’t care for. Of course, I didn’t realize a lot of these things until AFTER we’d bought the car. *cough*

So the weekend before Valentine’s Day, the blue car gave up the ghost. Personally, I was so happy! So on Valentine’s Day, we went and bought Benjamin a brand new Kia Forte. It is really fun to drive and I love Kia’s. My very first car was a Kia and I never had any problems with it. In fact, I was hit on the 520 bridge and the car was totaled. I bought the car back from the insurance company for $400 and drove it another 75k miles. Loved that little car. So I’m very happy with our purchase. No, I don’t have any pictures of the car. I’m working on it people!

So, my thinking was that if he got a new car for Valentine’s Day, I should get something fun too. Right? Riiiiiiiight. So, please let me introduce to you….






It was time, ya know? Her great great grandmother went to live in a new home.  I’ve heard she is very happy and used almost on a daily basis there.


Here is a picture of the two of them together. It’s ok, there was nothing wrong with her great great grandmother, but you know, a little bit of genetics came into play and now they have different colors! It was time for the red headed step child (Mabel) Which I have to tell you, Mabel is awesome. She works so wonderful. I’m very excited. I’ve made all sorts of stuff with her. I have a wonderful husband!

Question of the day: What is your favorite kitchen appliance and why?


Sober Sides

We used to call Lauren that. She has outgrown that and loves to smile now.

Lily is taking after her. Except even when Lauren was a baby, she’d still smile for strangers in front of a camera… Lily? Not so much.

On Christmas Eve, my mother paid some big money for pictures to be taken of all of her grandchildren.


We started out ok, Lily wasn’t too sure of all of this. Some crazy man kept hitting a puppet and yelling “OW!!” Telling all of us to smile.  Whateverrrrrr


Kjelly keeps trying to play peek-a-boo. Lily thinks he’s nuts.


She just wants to play with Kathryn’s watch. Kjelly is still playing peek-a-boo.


Really? Can we be over already?


Everyone look at Lily! (it still didn’t work to get her to look up) However, Kjelly was most upset that he didn’t tell them to look at him! So…


Everyone look at Kjelly! Lily, you play with Kathryn’s watch.


Hmmmm, a car…


What else is there?


Thomas the Train! Yay!


Now, lets see what it can do. How does this work?


All the girls now. NO more toys.  Not happy!


Crash the boys’ pictures with her paci (which was taken away from her last month) Pictures with the sisters. NO SMILE at all.


She thinks that if she folds her arms, we’ll have a closing prayer and be done so she can blow the joint!


Nope, more with Kjelly.


Kjelly, lean in towards her and give her a hug.


Kjelly…. BACK OFF


Are we done yet?

I bought some awesome groupon pictures with Yuen Lui so I’m really hoping that we’ll get a better performance out of her!