Tag, You’re It!

I was tagged by Michelle. This is a 4×4 blog meme that reveals some little facts about me! It will be great fun getting to know my blogging buddies better. So check at the bottom and if you’re tagged, copy and paste this into your blog and insert your four favs in each of the four subject.

1st – Four places I go:
-Fred Meyer

2nd –Five Four favorite smells:
-walking into my house and smelling the newness of it
-smell of a brand new car.
Daulton perfume
-Fresh clothes out of my dryer/The smell of the pillowcases from my mother’s linen closet.


3rd – Four favorite TV shows and/or movies
The Mentalist
-V (I loved it when it was a huge mini series in the 80’s)
19 kids and Counting
The Tudors (adult content, we don’t allow the children to watch)

4th – Four recommendations
-Do as I say, not as I do (I learned that from my mother who learned it from her father)
-Pick your battles carefully
-Enjoy your children while they are young.
-If it can be fixed with money, then it’s not really a problem. (one of my mother’s that I am finding out to be very true)

I tag… Jessica L, Jeri, Bridget and Cousin Michelle!


One comment on “Tag, You’re It!

  1. yay, good job girlie! love your moms phrases, love your mom! now you just need a regular post to update me on what's going on in vermil-land. :)

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