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One Thing I am…

Is predictable. Time again, has gotten away from me. So I’ll wrap up March with no pictures. I’ll work on getting them up. Ok, couple of things happened this month.

I was at the Northwest Women’s Show. I went walking past a place called Gingers Death Row Dogs. I thought to myself, that is a horrible name. While I was doing that, I passed a Taco Bell doggie. He was shivering. My heart immediately melted. Yes, I’m a sap like that. I didn’t used to be, but you know, with Amy Lynne’s passing, my heart rises to the surface a lot faster than it used to and I cry at the drop of a hat now.

So I continue to work my way back to my mother. We were there with our business, so I worked the show. I went back to our table and told my mother about the dogs. Now, anyone who knows my mother well, knows she doesn’t care for dogs. (Totally another story about that one day) She just shrugged and had the attitude of “sucks to be them.” So… I texted Benjamin. I just really wanted another dog. It isn’t like we don’t have our hands full with our one sweet puppy… Anyway, back to the story… Benjamin answered with a “well, what kind of dog are we talking about?” which immediately made my heart start beating fast. I knew he was thinking about making it OK!! So we went back and forth all day long. These dogs aren’t cheap… as in we paid under $600 but over $574. We’ll just pretend we played the old game from the Price is Right. You say $595? How did you guess?

How we came to the conclusion is that Benjamin got a nice bonus from work and another pay raise. Can we say yeah baby?? (only to learn a couple of weeks later that AT&T bought T-Mobile and we’re not sure about a job at all in the future. Again, more to come on that later) So we got her. We named her Sophie Belle. Sophie is 6 years old and was kept in a kennel and pregnant her whole life. She was never potty trained and came to us very scared. We paid for her flight up here from California and for a spay and a vet visit. Plus a nice “donation” Winking smile We love her so much. She never barked, but she does now! She was in a foster home for 5 weeks after being rescued and she never barked the whole time. Within 4 days of her being here, she barked for the first time. We’ve had her over 4 weeks now. She’s been to our vet, we got some medicine for her ears. They were very thick and itched like crazy. They don’t now, she gets up on the couch and barks with Lexi which we are very excited about because that means that she now considers this her house. She has moved in very nicely. Lexi has calmed down and we love it. We’ve been working on the potty training which has been coming along. We love the new addition to our family and it was totally unexpected.

My mother and I threw a baby shower for a long time friend of mine. We grew up together. The theme was pea in the pod. So I of course, had to make bath bombs in the shapes of peas and then my mother and I bought some green tulle and put them in their pods.

Lauren had a solo in her Jazz band concert. (I do have a video that I’ll work on getting up on here) We also went on a detailed tour of the high school she’ll be attending next year. I’m so scared. Not only for her, but the fact that I’m old enough to have a child attending high school! She is in fact, going to the high school on Thursday to “shadow” another student so she can get a feel for it.

Rosi, my nanny out of the blue, rented this DVD named Potty Power. I scoffed at her. Thought… whatever, like that will work. You see, Lily was potty trained at one time. When she was 18 months. After one week, she told me that she wanted her diapers back. KID. YOU. NOT. This time however, seems to be working much better! Please, cross your fingers for us. This would be really nice, plus the added bonus that we wouldn’t need to buy diapers anymore!

I got called into the Sunbeams this past week. I’m so excited. I get to work with an awesome sister and teach these sweet children who put such a different perspective on the gospel stories! For example: Jonah was the story the previous week and the Sister asked them if they remembered it and one of the little girl made gagging noises because you know, Jonah was thrown up by the whale and then another little girl said that he probably went home to take a nap. But! Before the nap, he obviously took a shower. AND… we get snack every week! SCORE!!!

And… that’s it for now. I know other things happened, like two concerts, but I think I’ll keep to my theme of getting to post about that months after it happened…

We’re also paying to have an Easter bunny basket made for Lily here. I wish I could make it, but I know it would end up looking like my first temple dress. (again, another story another day. It looks like I need to tell some more stories!)

Question of the day: Anything you just cannot do? Like I can’t sew to save my life?

Tag, You’re It!

I was tagged by Michelle. This is a 4×4 blog meme that reveals some little facts about me! It will be great fun getting to know my blogging buddies better. So check at the bottom and if you’re tagged, copy and paste this into your blog and insert your four favs in each of the four subject.

1st – Four places I go:
-Fred Meyer

2nd –Five Four favorite smells:
-walking into my house and smelling the newness of it
-smell of a brand new car.
Daulton perfume
-Fresh clothes out of my dryer/The smell of the pillowcases from my mother’s linen closet.


3rd – Four favorite TV shows and/or movies
The Mentalist
-V (I loved it when it was a huge mini series in the 80’s)
19 kids and Counting
The Tudors (adult content, we don’t allow the children to watch)

4th – Four recommendations
-Do as I say, not as I do (I learned that from my mother who learned it from her father)
-Pick your battles carefully
-Enjoy your children while they are young.
-If it can be fixed with money, then it’s not really a problem. (one of my mother’s that I am finding out to be very true)

I tag… Jessica L, Jeri, Bridget and Cousin Michelle!