My New House

So remember when I was supposed to do a post a day in November? And that I had a really awesome Christmas present coming? And that I had a lot to post about but I couldn’t? So the big suspense was that we were in the process of buying a house. But we were keeping it a secret because it was a short sale and did you know the statistics on a short sale? No? Well, I’ll inform you. 6 out of 7 short sales FAIL. However, we were patient and I think that’s truly the reason why we got our house. I think they don’t go through because people lose the vision and just walk away.

We put the offer in on our house on September 17th and we didn’t initially hear back from the bank until the middle of October which actually is really fast for a bank. Around my birthday we got the approval to buy the house from the bank, but some other things popped up with the current owner and we thought we’d lost the house. And then I got the flu 2 weekends in a row in November. Which I’m not totally sure if it was the flu or if it was just me thinking we’d lost the house. Which meant no daily blog posts.

Anyway, I’ve taken just a couple of pictures of our house. I don’t have any pictures taken of our upstairs because 1, we don’t have a bed and I am not going to take a picture of my room with just a mattress on the ground. 2, I don’t have the girls’ rooms totally unpacked. Lily and Kathryn are getting murals painted on their walls. Ok, enough talking. This is what my house looks like:


The for sale sign finally got taken down after about week 2 of living in the house. I had to call the realtor and gently remind him. :)

This is my entry way and stairs:


When you walk in my front door the stairs are directly ahead. So my front door is just to the right of this picture. The furniture that you see in this picture is my living room. Here is another picture of my living room:


Lily was being very helpful. She in fact wanted to be in all the pictures. We just this past weekend bought curtains. That was an issue all in of it’s self. Let’s just say that anyone who knows Benjamin very well knows that he had to be the one to pick out the curtains.


This is the only close up I have of the curtains. In this picture, Lauren is showing me my phone. We were trying to video chat with Benjamin. He’s going down to Texas in a week or so for about 5 days and we wanted to be able to talk with him. How cool is that we can video chat? Yup, only with T-mobile. They so rock.

Ok, so moving on. Here is a picture of my dining room. We still need to buy furniture for it, but hey, a BED comes first.


See the archway on the right? There is a little area with some pretty glass cabinets that I put my fine china in. :D. It also leads directly into the kitchen. It looks like this:


I have a couple of shots of my kitchen.



See the door to the left of the picture? Yes, I have a PANTRY. I have to tell you, that is so exciting. Even if it’s Harry Potter’s pantry. I still have a PANTRY.


My kitchen also has a breakfast nook space. Our dining room table fits perfectly in here.


Benjamin asked me the other day when Lily will be too old for her highchair. I replied that when she doesn’t want to sit in it anymore. However, she still loves to sit in it. So it works for us. So from the kitchen/breakfast nook area, is our family room. This is what it looks like:


Kathryn is watching Transformers. Benjamin insists that we need a 55 inch TV. Looking, it does look a little small. And, we just got a kinect so I guess a 55 inch TV would be nice to play on… ;)

So remember the first picture up above? Well, if you look at the arches in the back of the picture, that is our family room too. So you can see, that our house downstairs is just one big circle. IMG_3251

Which Lily just loooooves. You can see her tricycle near the base of the stairs that Santa brought her. She loves to ride it in circles. Oh, and take her baby in her grocery cart around and around in circles. OK, next stop is the den. Looking at the picture above, if you go to the right arch, it goes straight into the den. This is a partial picture of the den because Benjamin is in charge of unpacking that.


Benjamin and Lauren are doing her homework. He is actually sitting at my desk. Lily is near his desk. Then, around the corner is the powder room and the door to our garage. Our bathroom looks like this so far. I say so far because we’re not made of money. We have to get stuff every time each of us get paid and I want to get curtains for our other windows. I’m not going to live in a fish bowl.


In other news, I got this for Christmas. This picture is for Charity. *Hi Charity!*




Yes, my Brahmin purse. *sigh* I’m in love.


Lily messing around. And I’m messing around with the settings on my camera.


It’s so rare that we get a good smile out of her. We had grandchildren pictures on Christmas Eve. Lily didn’t smile. ONCE. I’ll post some pictures of those later on.

So that’s my house! Well, partial house. I’ll post pictures of upstairs when we get finished with the murals. I’ll then have to tell you about our Longhorn Orange bedroom of Lauren’s. Until next time.

Question of the day: What is your favorite color and why?