Lauren Has A New Piece of Clothing She’d Like to Model For You

So here in Washington when it snows, we get paralyzed with fear. When the snow falls, it’s wet and then overnight it freezes. So we have ice to drive on. I don’t care what car you drive, when it’s ice, NO one stops. So there was no school on Tuesday. Or Wednesday for that matter.

So Benjamin, Lauren and Kathryn decided they were going to go sledding, because doncha know, ice makes you go FASTER? Since they were whipping down our driveway into the neighbor’s front yard, what would Vampire hill do? Yes, it would make them go faster! So off they went.

About 30 minutes went by and then I heard the garage door open. I yell “HELLO?” Lauren is home. She’s hurt herself. She drags her body upstairs. She’s hurt her head. Her bum too. I don’t think too much about it, I’m de-junking my house. I stop and give her some ibuprofen then go back to work. Pretty soon Benjamin and Kathryn come home and after that, my mother offered for the girls’ to go to her house. So off they go.

My mother calls later that afternoon, I wouldn’t let Lauren take a nap just in case she really hurt her noggin’. So, I ok’d a nap and then didn’t think anything of it.  Until the next day. I’ve gone to work, put a couple of hours in and then as I’m on my way home, my mother calls me up and is very worried about Lauren and her head. She’s been up all night long and the pain is getting worse. So I called her dr. They didn’t have anymore openings. Boo! So we had to go to urgent care at Children’s. Lauren, on her way down vampire hill, did this AGAIN, and as she went crashing into the ditch, hit her bum, bruised it all up and then gave her neck whiplash. Going backwards. As a result, she has to wear this:


She was so unhappy that she had to wear it. But after a day, she was really glad she did wear it because her neck feels ohhhhh so much better.


Yes, this is only our first snow of the winter. Yay for more snow. NOT.

Yes, I’m behind in my blogging, but I have the flu. The kind where no matter how hard you try and aim for the toilet, it’s so rough the force of it, you just. can’t. keep. your. head. facing. down. Now that I’ve grossed you all out, I’ll finish on working on my Thanksgiving blog. Open-mouthed smile


One comment on “Lauren Has A New Piece of Clothing She’d Like to Model For You

  1. Joseph says:

    Nice! Looks good!By the way, I'm starting my owm blog too! Come on by!

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