Christmas Ornaments?

I’m making some Christmas ornaments for the exchange I signed up for. There is no party, in fact all the women I’m doing my exchange for don’t even live in this lovely state of Washington. I thought what I’d do is work with some vinyl. Let me tell you something. Silhouette vinyl and transfer paper SUCK. I don’t know if I just got some really old transfer paper, but the vinyl won’t stick to what I’m trying to apply it to. The vinyl isn’t all that sticky either. Also, when I did my ordering a couple of months back? I ordered a pick and it never came. When I called them about it, they said it was on back order. Yeah, they took my $10 and have never sent out the pick I ordered. Yes, I love my silhouette, just not the vinyl that they sent to me. I’ll guess I’ll need to get vinyl elsewhere.

OK, rant over, I’m off to finish these ornaments. They are going to be awesome and I promise to post pictures of them when I’m finished.

Question of the day: What is your most favorite ornament on your tree and why?


One comment on “Christmas Ornaments?

  1. iamwoman says:

    I am sure they will be lovely!

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