Who Likes Being Kicked In The Head?

Lily sure doesn’t, that’s for sure! So today, we rented a truck to transport my furniture. Lily has been sick all week long. So we called up my parent’s to see if they would watch Lily while we went and got them. Sure they replied. So we dropped Lily off around 1:30. We then dropped the older girls’ off home and off we went.

We’re almost home when I get a phone call from my mother.

Mom: Lily isn’t having the greatest day so far.

Sara: Ok, what’s up?

Mom: Welllllllll, um, Lily took a nap. But then Bampa got her too hot and she woke up and wasn’t very happy.

Sara: OK

Mom: And well… Lily fell and hit her head. And then *Laugh* *snort* This isn’t funny at all *insert guffawing* But *sputter* she wanted me to get into bed with her to snuggle. *laugh* So I put her in bed. *Laugh* and while I was getting into bed, *snort* I kicked her in the face. *hahahahahahaha*

Sara *chuckling*

Mom: So she looks at me and yells “GET OUT OF THE BED AND GET IN YOUR CHAIR!” Needless to say, she keeps crying for her daddy.

Sara: Mom, I’m on Yew Way. I’ll be home in 5 minutes. Bring her home.

Mom: WOW, you were fast. LAYTON! They’re almost home! Take Lily home!

Well Mother dearest, while you and I laugh about it, if she knew we were laughing at her, she would be quite upset.

*** edit to add: According to the kicker (my mother) that the kickee (Lily) wasn’t yelling, she was crying to hard to yell.


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