10 Things You May-or May Not Know About Me

  1. I hate shopping. For anything. If I have to go, I like to get in and out as fast as possible.
  2. My hair grows really fast.
  3. I love all most cheese.
  4. I can’t stand blue cheese
  5. I’d rather read a book than watch a TV show.
  6. I love to drive. Speed actually.
  7. I’ve gotten one speeding ticket in the 19 year’s I’ve been driving. It was in Utah on a road trip.
  8. Growing up, I had 20/15 vision. I miss it.
  9. I can shoot a gun really good. In fact, at one time, I wanted to be a sniper.
  10. I LOVE to sleep.

Question of the day: What is something that I don’t know about you?


3 comments on “10 Things You May-or May Not Know About Me

  1. Carmel says:

    haha I hate blue cheese too. Yuck!

  2. Bridget says:

    I like bleu cheese dressing…and Costco's cherry almond bleu salad. I'm not so good with old and moldy bleu cheese, though. That tastes like poo smells.

  3. Bridget says:

    http://thegirlwhoateeverything.blogspot.com/2010/11/cranberry-and-pecan-brie-en-croute.htmlFor the cheese lover. I found this today and think I'll be making me some for Thanksgiving.

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