So my scrapathon is over. Money was spent, projects finished. Happy Sara! Since I got home past midnight last night, I decided that posting it on Sunday and then making it show up on Saturday instead was a fabulous idea. I’ll save my projects for another post.

On Thursday afternoon, we were all around a table, being loud (like you expected anything else) and this lady noticed we were being loud and was enjoying us being sassy. Meet Rena:


We found her again on Saturday and even had one class together and then she sat at our table for the 4.5 hour scrapathon. She dubbed us the “eri” table. Eri you say? We were confused too until she cleared it up. We had Terry, Jeri and Sherrie. So that’s how even I ended up calling everyone Eri.

We had a blast. I was loud. Again, surprise? I didn’t think so. So you put your name in a huge bowl and through out the night, they call names and give prizes away. Rena got a magazine that was almost 2 years old. Tacky? Definitely. Jeri got a glue stick. I received Friday night a tote with wonderful goodies in it. They are not fair at all. So last night, they were showing this little girl modeling an apron. I thought they were selling them so I wasn’t paying attention to what they were saying. Instead, I was telling them if I came home with an apron, the sexist jokes would start in. So I was telling them one of Benjamin’s most favorite jokes. It goes like this: “What happens if your dishwasher breaks? Slap her on the but and tell her to get back to work.” About this time, my mother is at the front of the ballroom and yells SARA! I immediately pop up and she yells, “She just called your name!” Seriously, the sound in the ballroom SUCKED. We had a mousy woman who could barely speak into the microphone. Guess what I had won? Uh huh, an APRON. So Rena and her husband Todd, whom I was telling the joke to, roared with laughter.

However, we did have fun. This is what our table looked like last night:


Here is Ginger and Terry. What I didn’t realize is that Terry had run out of things to finish. She thought the two hour class we took earlier in the day wouldn’t be finished and she could work on it tonight. What really happened was that she actually finished her album in class! So Jeri snookered her into doing an album for her. I wish I would have thought about that!


Here is Terry again and Hannah. That is my mother in the lower left hand corner. That is the ONLY picture I would ever be allowed to post.


Here is my table with Jeri. Todd and Rena sat to the right of the table. No, they aren’t in the picture. I totally forgot to get a picture of Todd! As you can see from the picture, the whole room is crowded with women who love to scrap!

Question of the day: What do you love to do? What are your hobbies?


One comment on “Scrapathon

  1. Benjamin says:

    Great, so now everyone thinks I am some kind of chauvinistic pig. Get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich woman!!! ;-P Love you.

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