You’re the Bestest Husband in the Whole Wide World

*batting eyelashes*

Mama: Ok, let’s go and get my dishes. This is the best deal in the world.

Sara: OK.

*knocking on the door*

Craiglist Lady: Hello?

Mama: Hi, I’m Sherrie and we talked on the phone about the antique dishes.

Craigslist Lady: Oh yes, I’m Cheryl. Come on in, I have the dishes on the mantel.

Mama: Oh, those are so gorgeous.

*We sit down on the couch and loveseat*

Mama: These are nice

Cheryl: Oh, the couch and loveseat are also for sale.

Mama: Do you think Benjamin would let you have these.

Sara: Well, I’m not sure, I’ll have to text him and see what he says.

*texting Benjamin*

Sara: He hasn’t answered. I’ll call him. I want them. *ring* (he doesn’t answer)

Mama: Where will you put them for now?

Sara: I don’t know, but they’d go great in my living room (I currently have living room furniture) We’ll figure it out.

Mama: Ok. Cheryl, we’ll take them.

*we pack up the dishes and leave. A couple of hours later, I’m back at the office and I IM Benjamin*

Sara: Is your telephone not working? *5 minutes* BUZZ! Hello?

Benjamin: Huh? Yeah, my telephone is working, it’s upstairs.

Sara: Huh. So I guess you didn’t get my text. I bought a couch and loveseat.

Benjamin: *sputters* uh, what? I’m going to get my phone right now. Are you serious?

Sara: Um, yes, I’m serious.

Benjamin: Ugh. Well, I guess we can always pay to have them covered.

Sara: *pout* I like them! I even brought a pillow home to show you too! Ok, so how mad are you?

Benjamin: Well, on a scale of 1-10, I’m at a 4.5. I don’t like it when you just jump this stuff on me.

Sara: Well, I tried to call you and I even texted you. Since you didn’t have your phone with you (when he should have since he was working from home) I had to make an executive decision here.

Benjamin: We’ll talk about this when you get home.

Sara: *GULP*

Smile with tongue out



Personally, I love them. They were used for living room furniture of an older couple who had one child. And that one child had one child. So that means that even though they are a couple of years old, they are basically BRAND NEW.

Question of the day: Ever bought furniture without gaining your partner’s permission input?


3 comments on “You’re the Bestest Husband in the Whole Wide World

  1. Sherrie says:

    I love them! I can rearrange the family room and keep them here if he really doesn't like them

  2. Ha ha. Yes, I have bought furniture without the hubs, and that's actually the furniture I have ended up hating. Not that I think those are at all related. :) Love the couches! And LOVE Craigslist! And garage sales! I am officially addicted!

  3. Benjamin says:

    They'll be fine. What they need is some solid color-contrasting pillows. Maybe some gold and white ones, maybe even red.

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