My Family

I’m very thankful for my family. I love that I live close to them (well most of them) So let me go into detail about them :D. I’m going to start with the family I grew up with.

There is my mother. I am not going to post a picture of her. This would start the RIDICULOUS of the century. NO JOKE. I work with her every. single. day. Which for about 99.9% of the time, is wonderful. I love that I get to see her everyday. I love that she is my best friend. I do believe that one of my most favorite memories with her was our trip to Chicago. It was such a blast. I knew that I probably would never have such an awesome time again and I cherished every single second of it.

Then there is my dad. He’s always been there for me. I remember right after Amy Lynne had been born and she was so sick, I was still in the hospital and you know, less than 48 hours had passed and my hormones were going crazy and I was just bawling and I called my dad to come to the hospital after work (he worked swing) so he came by at midnight to console me. Now that was an impressive run on sentence!

Santa Pictures 2009 228

Then there is my oldest brother. He is almost 6 years older than me so by the time I had any real memories of him, we’re adults. However… I do have a couple of memories about him as we were kids. And, it so happens that the two stories I’m going to tell you were both while he was babysitting me… Seeing a theme here? Ok, story number 1. He’s a boy. Boys are gross beings. Period. End of discussion. So we were in our family room and he farted. He made me smell it and shoved my face into his butt. I gagged. As you can tell, I was traumatized. The other story was Earl and I were just being children and he yelled at us and put us in time out. He used the microwave to time us for a 20 minute time out. Whatever happened to one minute for how old you are? Anyway, I had sneaked out (like you expected anything else) and I noticed that instead of putting the timer on, he had fully turned the microwave on. So I run back to my room, yell out to him that the microwave is running. He came in and thanked me for telling him and then he took my time out and halved it. Sucka! He never knew… Until now. *Hi Jason!*


Then there are his children. Veronica, Gerrit and Jeanene (I hope I spelled their names right) Veronica is Lauren’s age and Gerrit is Kathryn’s age and Jeanene is 9. I’m slowly getting to know them as each year we either see them at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Here are some pictures of them from 2 years ago.


This is Veronica.


This is Jeanene

Thanksgiving 2009 024

This is Gerrit.

Then there is Matthew and Jeri. They live close to us, about 15 minutes away. The name of my blog “Cry me a Liver” is from Matthew. Nuff said. :D Then there is Jeri. We do a lot of stuff together. The thing I love the most about Jeri is our Twilight escapades! The Monroe theater does this special where you watch all the twilight movies and then the new one coming out shows at midnight. We’ve done all three together. Matthew and Jeri have 3 sweet little boys. Ok, maybe Karl isn’t so little anymore…

Santa Pictures 2009 085

This pictures is surprising, I know. I was messing around with the camera and was trying to take a ton of pictures of him and I got one where he is smiling! Usually the pictures I get of him look something like this:



Kid you not, this is the only picture I can find of Jeri on my computer. Hmmm, I can clearly see it’s time to get some more pictures of her!

And my boys:




Erik (He’s really mine, I just let Matthew and Jeri think he belongs to them)


Kjell (pronounced Shell)

Then there is my little brother. My saying on my blog is from him. The Big Eddy comment.

Here’s my little brother.

Thanksgiving 2009 021

Really, do I need to say anything else? No? I didn’t think so.

Actually, I love my little brother. He isn’t married and despite this picture is really a good boy. Please, someone marry him so he can procreate and get my mother off my back? ;;) He always takes the time to send me cards for mothers day and to wish me a happy birthday. He is such a sweet brother. Nobody could ask for a better “little” brother than I.

So that’s my extended family in a nutshell. I’ll tell you more about Benjamin’s family tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. I still haven’t posted this years pumpkin patch.

Question of the day: Have any good memories of your siblings you’d like to share?


4 comments on “My Family

  1. Sherrie says:

    This comment is for Jason. 20 minutes really? We will be discussing this in December.

  2. Benjamin says:

    Additionally, If there's a post about my family I should probably write it since I know them a little bit better than you do. (That's right, maybe I'll finally write a post for you.)

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