Lauren Has A New Piece of Clothing She’d Like to Model For You

So here in Washington when it snows, we get paralyzed with fear. When the snow falls, it’s wet and then overnight it freezes. So we have ice to drive on. I don’t care what car you drive, when it’s ice, NO one stops. So there was no school on Tuesday. Or Wednesday for that matter.

So Benjamin, Lauren and Kathryn decided they were going to go sledding, because doncha know, ice makes you go FASTER? Since they were whipping down our driveway into the neighbor’s front yard, what would Vampire hill do? Yes, it would make them go faster! So off they went.

About 30 minutes went by and then I heard the garage door open. I yell “HELLO?” Lauren is home. She’s hurt herself. She drags her body upstairs. She’s hurt her head. Her bum too. I don’t think too much about it, I’m de-junking my house. I stop and give her some ibuprofen then go back to work. Pretty soon Benjamin and Kathryn come home and after that, my mother offered for the girls’ to go to her house. So off they go.

My mother calls later that afternoon, I wouldn’t let Lauren take a nap just in case she really hurt her noggin’. So, I ok’d a nap and then didn’t think anything of it.  Until the next day. I’ve gone to work, put a couple of hours in and then as I’m on my way home, my mother calls me up and is very worried about Lauren and her head. She’s been up all night long and the pain is getting worse. So I called her dr. They didn’t have anymore openings. Boo! So we had to go to urgent care at Children’s. Lauren, on her way down vampire hill, did this AGAIN, and as she went crashing into the ditch, hit her bum, bruised it all up and then gave her neck whiplash. Going backwards. As a result, she has to wear this:


She was so unhappy that she had to wear it. But after a day, she was really glad she did wear it because her neck feels ohhhhh so much better.


Yes, this is only our first snow of the winter. Yay for more snow. NOT.

Yes, I’m behind in my blogging, but I have the flu. The kind where no matter how hard you try and aim for the toilet, it’s so rough the force of it, you just. can’t. keep. your. head. facing. down. Now that I’ve grossed you all out, I’ll finish on working on my Thanksgiving blog. Open-mouthed smile


Christmas Ornaments?

I’m making some Christmas ornaments for the exchange I signed up for. There is no party, in fact all the women I’m doing my exchange for don’t even live in this lovely state of Washington. I thought what I’d do is work with some vinyl. Let me tell you something. Silhouette vinyl and transfer paper SUCK. I don’t know if I just got some really old transfer paper, but the vinyl won’t stick to what I’m trying to apply it to. The vinyl isn’t all that sticky either. Also, when I did my ordering a couple of months back? I ordered a pick and it never came. When I called them about it, they said it was on back order. Yeah, they took my $10 and have never sent out the pick I ordered. Yes, I love my silhouette, just not the vinyl that they sent to me. I’ll guess I’ll need to get vinyl elsewhere.

OK, rant over, I’m off to finish these ornaments. They are going to be awesome and I promise to post pictures of them when I’m finished.

Question of the day: What is your most favorite ornament on your tree and why?

Not Much To Write About

Actually, I have a ton to write about, but I am sworn to keep secrets. In case you didn’t know, it’s really really hard for me to keep secrets. It’s a Christmas present. So, I’ll be able to do an awesome post about this present.

In the mean time, I’m de-junking my house. My rule is this: If we haven’t used it in the past 6 months, it’s going to Charity. Yup, in the past three months or so, I’ve given about 20 garbage bags full of stuff. Clothes, toys, computer stuff, books, VHS tapes. I’m also *gulp* getting rid of all my baby items. We’re done having babies. I’m very sad about this, but the more I hold onto these items, the harder it is for me. I’ve got to just do it!

Let’s see, what else… It snowed. Enough to shut down the schools here and to work from home. My older girls’ are at my parent’s house today. Uncle is in town. Uncle is also known as the Grizz. To learn more about The Grizz, go here.

Lily loves to write on things. She just got a pen and wrote all over our drum set for the wii. When I told Benjamin he came over to her and asked her what she was doing. She immediately hid the pen behind her back, dropped it (as if we wouldn’t notice) and in her most innocent voice said “No no?” (translated to, I don’t know?) We gave her a coloring book. Somehow that isn’t as fun as the drums… hmmmm

Question of the day: What do you like to do to pass the time away?

What is Your View on Snow?

Mine is, it better snow so hard we’re all snowed in and can’t leave the house or not snow at all. Or have ice on the road. Have you seen the huge hill I live on? (we are planning on moving in the near future since the lease on our house ends in February)

Oh, it’s snowing. And, I HATE it.

Please tell me, what is your view on snow?

Who Likes Being Kicked In The Head?

Lily sure doesn’t, that’s for sure! So today, we rented a truck to transport my furniture. Lily has been sick all week long. So we called up my parent’s to see if they would watch Lily while we went and got them. Sure they replied. So we dropped Lily off around 1:30. We then dropped the older girls’ off home and off we went.

We’re almost home when I get a phone call from my mother.

Mom: Lily isn’t having the greatest day so far.

Sara: Ok, what’s up?

Mom: Welllllllll, um, Lily took a nap. But then Bampa got her too hot and she woke up and wasn’t very happy.

Sara: OK

Mom: And well… Lily fell and hit her head. And then *Laugh* *snort* This isn’t funny at all *insert guffawing* But *sputter* she wanted me to get into bed with her to snuggle. *laugh* So I put her in bed. *Laugh* and while I was getting into bed, *snort* I kicked her in the face. *hahahahahahaha*

Sara *chuckling*

Mom: So she looks at me and yells “GET OUT OF THE BED AND GET IN YOUR CHAIR!” Needless to say, she keeps crying for her daddy.

Sara: Mom, I’m on Yew Way. I’ll be home in 5 minutes. Bring her home.

Mom: WOW, you were fast. LAYTON! They’re almost home! Take Lily home!

Well Mother dearest, while you and I laugh about it, if she knew we were laughing at her, she would be quite upset.

*** edit to add: According to the kicker (my mother) that the kickee (Lily) wasn’t yelling, she was crying to hard to yell.

Drama Drama Drama

We have a lot of drama in our house. I was on the phone with my mother asking her where the drama came from? To quote Benjamin “Your family doesn’t do drama, you’re all just so LOUD.” Uh, thanks? I think?

Well, my mother reminded me of where the drama came from and we have some belly laughs on the phone tonight. Since my blog isn’t locked down, I’m not going to go into any of those stories. However, I promise you, you would laugh too!

I’m sick tonight. Like as in the flu. Benjamin isn’t feeling well and neither are Lily or Lauren. We’re just a bunch of sick-o’s.

So I’ll leave you with a favorite picture of mine.


There is something out there. I just know it!!

Type I Diabetes

I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes when I was 13. It was January 5, 1990. The morning of my diagnosis was the first day back at school from the Christmas break. My mother vowed that even if we were DYING we were going to be going to school. (I now understand Smile) The morning of getting onto the school bus I had (about) 8 glasses of water, 5 glasses of milk and then I begged my mother to let me suck on an orange at the bus stop. I was JUST.SO.THIRSTY. I remember before the holiday break, I was talking to my then BFF Jamie. My mother had mentioned that she wanted to get me tested for diabetes. I scoffed. I was telling her this story.

Up until then, I had never really been sick. My forte was breaking bones. I had broken my left arm three times and my right are once and had been on crutches all before I left elementary school in fifth grade.

We go to the doctor that afternoon, in Monroe. A lady from our ward was an ARNP at one of the clinics. They took some blood and diagnosed me with Type I Diabetes. From there, we went over to the hospital where I received my first shot, had a vein collapse because of a terrible phlebotomist and a doctor lean into my face until he was about two inches away and ask me to blow in his face. I was horrified. Breathe into his face? I actually argued with him. In the end, he won. What I didn’t know at the time was that they were terrified that I was in ketoacidosis. Which if I haven’t mentioned it before, it kills you. REALLY FAST. As in a couple of days you’re dead.

I wasn’t in ketoacidosis, but I sure was tired, thirsty, peed like a racehorse and had terrible aching full leg (as in from the tops of my thighs down to my toes) cramping. I was always taught to get up and walk them off when it happens. They just wouldn’t go away. They gave me a small shot of insulin and sent my mother home with needles and insulin and instructions on how to give shots.

Through my teenager years, I had a hard time. I was hospitalized numerous times, went through a myriad of testing for various things and was told to never ever have any children.

Not one for giving up or giving in, I got actively involved with my local ADA. I volunteered at family weekend getaways where families would come who had children with type I diabetes and we would take care of the children while the parent’s had their own classes and were able to meet and become friends of other parent’s. We all lived with it, it was just a matter of if you had type I or were a sibling or a parent. I also went to camps where we were all diabetics. It was nice to meet others who were going through what I was going through. One thing I noticed in the getaways, there were a lot of parents who had type I diabetes as well. Truthfully it scared the snot out of me.

I went on to have children of my own. I found a doctor who would work with me, with my diabetes. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. 4 children I gave birth to. 3 living children. I have a 13 year old, an 11 year old and my Lily is 2. None of my children have shown signs of type I diabetes. Until recently. Lily has lost 4 pounds in the last three months. She’s thirsty a lot of the time. She’s always hungry. So I finally broke down and talked to a doctor about it. They are genuinely concerned. She is showing classic symptoms. She is also at a greater risk because of ME. So since she isn’t too sick, they are still alert to the facts that they can’t ignore. They sent me home with a jar to collect her urine in. They are doing that because sometimes in the beginning, you go through a honeymoon period. She finally peed in the cup tonight. And had moderate ketones. I’m heartbroken. Devastated. I knew the risk of having children and their risk of getting it. I just didn’t think it would be at 2. I wasn’t worried until my older kids well, got older. I was 13. I wasn’t even thinking about Lily until her clothes were getting loose on her. She went down a size in diapers. The doctor told me that toddlers are not supposed to lose weight.

I really hope I’m wrong. I hope she is healthy as a horse. I just want my children to be happy and to be able to eat what they want and not worry about what their blood sugar is. Or how much insulin they have to give to eat. Or worry about pregnancy. Or getting sick and how to manage the diabetes. Believe me, I could go on. Instead, I’m going to go to bed and cry myself to sleep.