Little Gym

Since this summer, Lily has been climbing things and hanging off stuff and just in general being a monkey. We have a counter top table and she grabs onto the top, tucks her knees in and swings from the table. She will also go up to the table and shimmy up the legs and try to climb up to the top.

So I knew that I needed to do something about it. I looked into all sorts of things for her to do. I called up the Little Gym in Lynnwood and asked them about how their gym worked. They have free sessions that we could come to and see if she liked it. I was all, hells yeah! So I took her there at the end of August and she fell in love with it. I knew I wanted to get her in. However, I knew that it was going to be pricey. It just so happens that I was due to receive a refund from Medtronic who makes my insulin pump. And!! it covered how much a semester would be at the Little Gym. Double yay!

So this past week, I received my refund check. Yesterday was her first “official” day. I didn’t have my camera with me and so the pictures are not the quality that I like them. However, you can see the smile on her face.

At first, she was really shy. There are only three other little girls in the class with her. Here we are on the red mat warming up. 




After the warm ups were done, then they got to play on the other toys. 



The theme yesterday was “backwards” so even though it looks like Lily is just starting, she is actually just finishing. She caught on real fast that they wanted her to go backwards. After Teacher Louie figured that she understood, she used Lily as the “guinea pig” for demonstrations.

Here is Lily learning how to do a backwards summer salt. (You can’t see her too well)


This was the hit of the day:



She would pull her knees up to her chest and then she would fall down. She loved doing that.

All in all, I think it was a hit. I’m excited that she gets to do this until the first week of February (when the semester ends) and I’m sure we’ll sign her up again for it.

Question of the day: What is your favorite sport and why?


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