I have them. I’m selfish, Sometimes I want to go back in time, either correct situations or just wish I was back in time. Some of my regrets include:


  1. Not appreciating the time that my 2 oldest were younger.
  2. Wishing I could go back in time to going every Sunday over to Matthew’s house and having dinner, then chat outside on his patio while the children ran around in the yard like wild little indians. 
  3. Wishing I had more pictures of me with Amy Lynne. I was the one always behind the camera.
  4. Wishing I would have stayed in her room after we got the diagnosis that she had suffered a stroke and was terminal. Instead, I went to the closet that they call parent’s sleeping rooms and bawled my eyes out. I could have spent more time holding her.

These are just some. while I can’t go back in time and fix some of these things, I can go forward and take time to enjoy what I do have now. I’m trying to appreciate Lily and enjoy her being young. She is my last baby. I’m having dinner with my family and enjoying one another and the conversation. While I can’t go back in time and get more pictures of me holding Amy Lynne, I made sure that I had some pictures of me holding Lily. I mean, she was more premature than Amy Lynne! I’m also trying to seize the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. I simply cannot control other people. As much as I would like to sometimes, I can only control my feelings and encourage those same feelings to my children.

My calling in church is the Young Women’s personal progress leader. I was reading over the booklet again and it made me think of these things.

Question of the day: Do you have any regrets you’d like to share?


One comment on “Regrets

  1. Yes, don't all moms have those regrets?! I love all the things you wrote, it is so important to live TODAY! We need to talk! When can you pencil me in?

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