Lily, Pretend you’re asleep!

Sandcastler 049

So the older girls were trying to be serious. Wait, that would be Lauren was trying to be serious. Lily is going through this phase of “pretending to sleep” I got to laughing as I was taking these pictures.


Sandcastler 050

Sandcastler 051 Sandcastler 052

So, the next day, I was trying to clean out our laundry. We have way too much laundry. Well, I came across Lily’s Halloween costume and we put it on her. I then asked her if she would go to sleep. this is what I got. Sandcastler 054

She’s such a girlie-girl. She found my favorite lipstick and wanted to put some on her face. Sandcastler 056

She was very proud of herself.

Do you have memories of a little one making a face? Want to share?


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