Annual Beach Trip

So I have a couple of posts to write. The first one is about the Annual Beach trip. Since the children were little, my mother has taken the grandkids here for a week on the beach. This year they went to Camano Island. I usually don’t go. This year, Benjamin went up for a couple of days, hence pictures on my camera! So I actually get to post. :D

There are a ton of pictures. Easily 200 were taken in one afternoon. These are some of my favs:


Sandcastler 063

Kathryn showing off. Gee, what a surprise.


Sandcastler 065 

My boy playing in the bubbles.


Sandcastler 068

Lily doing her favorite thing in the whole world: Playing with bubbles. Sandcastler 074

The partners in crime.

Sandcastler 076 Sandcastler 088

Kjelly drinking the water. Oh, all the germs… and my mother gets upset when Lily shares her yogurt with Skeeter? (my dad’s dog)

Sandcastler 101

Kjelly attempting to ride the logs… He’s trying to copy the older kids.

Sandcastler 124

Here’s Erik trying to stay afloat while they are having their water war.

Sandcastler 108

Sandcastler 119

Sandcastler 153Sandcastler 238

Here is Erik riding the logs.

Sandcastler 260

Benjamin riding the logs. They all had a great time doing this.


Sandcastler 266

Karl helping with Lily. She didn’t really care for the water.


Sandcastler 277

Here he is snuggling with her. He’s such an awesome cousin.

He’s also… um, very hot for being 13. Example:


Sandcastler 295

It’s no wonder he has girls all over him.


Sandcastler 304

Here are some of Lily messing around on the beach. She went with Benjamin and was there only overnight.

Sandcastler 290

Checking out the family playing in the water. She can’t figure out why they like playing in the water.

Sandcastler 109

She just loves her bubbles.

Sandcastler 117

And the finale….

Sandcastler 320

Yes, Lauren is actually EATING it. (for the camera only)

Question of the day: What is your favorite family vacation. Why?


One comment on “Annual Beach Trip

  1. Sherrie says:

    Hmmmm not sure the Karl "hot" comment is appropriate. Cute pictures otherwise

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