Sandcastles R Us

So last night, I was working on a post. Almost an hour later, I was 98% finished when the computer shut down on me. No, it didn’t save all my hard work. I threw my hand up in the air and called it a night and went to bed. So, this is my second attempt to write this.

About a month ago, Ginger, my cousin called up my mother and asked her if she and my family wanted to come up to Jetty Island for a sand castle building contest. I said sure! Knowing that we’ve never built a “real” sandcastle.

So the day comes and we get in line to go over on the ferry. The children went ahead of us on the ferry and by the time we got there, they had already settled into a nice routine.

Sandcastler 323

Here is Erik and Callie burying Kathryn in the sand.

Sandcastler 328

Erik, not wanting to be outdone wanted to get buried too.

Sandcastler 335

Uncle Benjamin and cousin Jacob quickly went to work getting Erik in the sand. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a swim top, so he was covered in sand. BIG TIME.

Sandcastler 345

Lauren loves herself some seaweed. There was plenty there to be had

Sandcastler 331

Sandcastler 334

Emma and Mariah got into it.

Sandcastler 348

Here is Mariah getting ready for the competition. She is practicing how to make trees. It takes lots of water.

In the midst of all of this, Ginger and I sat down to talk about what we would build. Benjamin wanted to make a Wal-Mart. Ummmm, NO. So he built one all by himself.

Sandcastler 356

He’s trying to level the ground.

Sandcastler 350

He did finish, but since it was so small, it didn’t last. Plus the little kids came and stood on it and it crumbled to the ground. Let’s take a minute of silence to notate this momentous occasion.

*wiping a tear away*

Ok, done now. .

So we went through a couple of different ideas. I didn’t want to do some sea creatures. Yeah, everyone does that. I didn’t want to do a sandcastle. Sheesh, that’s original. NOT. Ginger wanted to do spaghetti. I didn’t know how we were going to do the noodles. So we decided on an ice cream sundae.

About this time, a guy walks into a spot with some pretty good tools. I looked at Ginger and said “We’re screwed.” She just laughed. We had three hours to complete our creation and we couldn’t bring anything from out of the square. We were only allowed to use what was in our square. Drat’s! That meant we couldn’t bring more sand into our square.

Now, I don’t have any pictures. I was too busy bossing everyone around and telling them what to do. Oh, and once in a while, I put my hands down and helped mold the sand. I had great visions of what it was going to look like. (yes, you all may start gagging now)

In the middle of all of this, Kathryn and Callie wanted to participate and make their own. Now, Ginger’s younger girls’ are the same age as mine. In fact, they get along great and are good friends. We are really lucky in that regard. Here are some pictures of Callie and Kathryn’s creation.

Sandcastler 362

Sandcastler 377

And, here are some pictures of ours:

Sandcastler 358 

Ken is very serious about this. In fact, he named our boat. Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce to you the Minow.

Sandcastler 382

Minow? Um, I think he meant to say the Minnow.

Sandcastler 388

Yeah, that looks much better. Don’t mind Ken, we’d been out in the sun for over 3 hours at this point.

This was some of our competition:

Sandcastler 378

Sandcastler 367

Sandcastler 368

This was the guy who brought all of his tools. Yes, that is three hours after and 10 minutes left in the competition. I felt better all of a sudden…

Sandcastler 363

This was ours with 10 minutes left.

Sandcastler 370

A real sand castle.

Sandcastler 371

Believe it or not, these ladies took first place. Yes, I agree with you, ours was better.

Ours? Took second place:

Sandcastler 384

The Minow Minnow.

Third place? The Ukulele.

Sandcastler 372

We will go back in a year. AND, we will take FIRST PLACE.

Question of the day: Will you join us next year at Jetty Island?


Lily, Pretend you’re asleep!

Sandcastler 049

So the older girls were trying to be serious. Wait, that would be Lauren was trying to be serious. Lily is going through this phase of “pretending to sleep” I got to laughing as I was taking these pictures.


Sandcastler 050

Sandcastler 051 Sandcastler 052

So, the next day, I was trying to clean out our laundry. We have way too much laundry. Well, I came across Lily’s Halloween costume and we put it on her. I then asked her if she would go to sleep. this is what I got. Sandcastler 054

She’s such a girlie-girl. She found my favorite lipstick and wanted to put some on her face. Sandcastler 056

She was very proud of herself.

Do you have memories of a little one making a face? Want to share?

Annual Beach Trip

So I have a couple of posts to write. The first one is about the Annual Beach trip. Since the children were little, my mother has taken the grandkids here for a week on the beach. This year they went to Camano Island. I usually don’t go. This year, Benjamin went up for a couple of days, hence pictures on my camera! So I actually get to post. :D

There are a ton of pictures. Easily 200 were taken in one afternoon. These are some of my favs:


Sandcastler 063

Kathryn showing off. Gee, what a surprise.


Sandcastler 065 

My boy playing in the bubbles.


Sandcastler 068

Lily doing her favorite thing in the whole world: Playing with bubbles. Sandcastler 074

The partners in crime.

Sandcastler 076 Sandcastler 088

Kjelly drinking the water. Oh, all the germs… and my mother gets upset when Lily shares her yogurt with Skeeter? (my dad’s dog)

Sandcastler 101

Kjelly attempting to ride the logs… He’s trying to copy the older kids.

Sandcastler 124

Here’s Erik trying to stay afloat while they are having their water war.

Sandcastler 108

Sandcastler 119

Sandcastler 153Sandcastler 238

Here is Erik riding the logs.

Sandcastler 260

Benjamin riding the logs. They all had a great time doing this.


Sandcastler 266

Karl helping with Lily. She didn’t really care for the water.


Sandcastler 277

Here he is snuggling with her. He’s such an awesome cousin.

He’s also… um, very hot for being 13. Example:


Sandcastler 295

It’s no wonder he has girls all over him.


Sandcastler 304

Here are some of Lily messing around on the beach. She went with Benjamin and was there only overnight.

Sandcastler 290

Checking out the family playing in the water. She can’t figure out why they like playing in the water.

Sandcastler 109

She just loves her bubbles.

Sandcastler 117

And the finale….

Sandcastler 320

Yes, Lauren is actually EATING it. (for the camera only)

Question of the day: What is your favorite family vacation. Why?

New Tabs

So I updated my tabs. I put in a new one for all of my family members. I’m working on putting in a picture for all of my kiddos.

Let me know what you think. If I should add something or someone.


Elle is getting me back

I should have paid more attention to her. There is a fabulous give away over here. And!! Promotional codes too. I just ordered a bunch of stuff. I also looked and looked for promo codes. Again, they’re over here.

I’m very sad. (and disgruntled that they weren’t there on Friday when I did a bunch of ordering.)

My new best friend *sigh*

She’s been around for months now. I just didn’t notice her. She’s been so patient with me. Lily has abused her and I’ve let her. She works and works for hours on end and NEVER complains. I can’t believe I’ve been so irresponsible. *sniff*


Please meet…










My silhouette cutter. My mother gave her to me months ago when she bought her pazzle. And I? I totally ignored her until today. When I got all the necessary stuff to download onto my computer. I have been sitting at the computer for hours. I mean hours. My mother took my two oldest on a week long vacation. This is an annual trip, so I have had lots of free time today. Tomorrow, Benjamin will take Lily up there for 2 days. Elle and I will become more acquainted then. I’m so excited. I’ve also ordered some vinyl. Yay!!!

Question of the day: What is your favorite hobby?