Girl’s Camp

We stayed for a whole 24 18 hours.

You see, girls camp is full of… well… GIRLS.

Not just your average girls, but MORMON GIRLS.

Who make up funny rhymes about MORMON BOYS.

Then they sing yell  these funny rhymes.



Screaming, yelling, happy MORMON girls.

Lauren. Just. Couldn’t. Handle. It.

I sometimes forget that Lauren just doesn’t do loud noises. And confusion. Lots of confusion.

So we came home. The next morning.  These were the pictures that we took. Of our whole 18 hour experience.

July 12th & 22nd 001

Lauren making her bed. See, they were the “Lion Queens” so of course, the YCL made them all “crowns” with jewels.


July 12th & 22nd 005

July 12th & 22nd 006

Most of the group together.

And that was our camp experience.

Question of the day: Do you like to camp? If so, what is your version of camping?


One comment on “Girl’s Camp

  1. Bridget says:

    Love it. I like the no changing your clothes or showering for three days version. Ha ha.

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