This doesn’t involve bouncing, does it?


Yeah, right. Like I believe that one.

So we’ve had our queen size mattress up and we had it downstairs because I can’t sleep very well in the heat. We have our air conditioner down there. So last week, Karl and Erik spent two days at our house. I come home Thursday night to Karl being very excited to show me something. It went something like this.

Karl: Auntie Sara, I have something awesome to show you!! Kathryn, lay down on the air mattress.

Auntie Sara: You aren’t running and then bouncing on the mattress are you?

Karl: *deer caught in the headlights look* Ahhhh, NOOOOOO, Auntie Sara, why would we do that?

Auntie Sara: OK, Karl, show me.

July 12th & 22nd 041

Stretching, getting ready….

July 12th & 22nd 044

Kathryn trying to get Lily off the bed… But Lily has other plans…

July 12th & 22nd 045

So what I missed with my camera is Karl flying through the air, and landing on one side of the bed. Kathryn literally flies up and then lands. What I also missed was Lexi. Just as Karl was flying through the air, Lexi jumped up onto the mattress and she also went flying. Except she also did a cart wheel while flying. She wasn’t too happy about it.

So since I didn’t get a picture of Kathryn flying through the air, I of course, had them do it one more time.

July 12th & 22nd 046

There is Kathryn catching air.

July 12th & 22nd 047 

And Karl’s satisfied look.


Question of the day: What did your parent’s not allow growing up?


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