Just say please, PLEASE?

So I have one very demanding daughter. She’s 2. I’ve never gone through the “terrible 2’s” with my other children. Lauren didn’t in fact really get into the why’s or how’s.

Anyway… Lily will go without rather than say please. I mean really. Seriously??

Last night, we went over to my parent’s house for dinner. After we cleaned up, we went in the living room to chat. While we were doing this, Benjamin was out on the trampoline with Lily. She loves to jump and it’s a huge treat for her daddy to go out there with her.

She’s really into babies lately. She took one of the girls’ cabbage patch dolls.  Stripped him of clothes and now carries him around telling us that her baby is crying. Or poopy. Or tired. Mostly, he just cries all the time. She’ll come in “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my baby is crying” wanting us to pat him on the back and make things better.

She’s also really into saying “GIMME!! GIMME BACK!” Excuse me? Gimme? That is not ok in my house. However, she loves to say it. ALL. THE. TIME. So we’re trying to teach her to say please. Now it’s not like she can’t say it. She talks in sentences when she wants to. She knows how to say please.

So while Benjamin and Lily were out on the trampoline, something happened and Benjamin had her doll. Next thing he knew, she was demanding. “Gimme back my baby!”  Oh no she didn’t! So he comes in with the baby cradled in his arms *insert giggling* defiant with her baby.

He looks at her and says “When you can say please, I’ll give you your baby back.” So she looks at me like I’m going to save her! Yeah right. She looks at both of my parent’s and they don’t do anything. So she goes about her business. Benjamin came in and sat down next to me. I took the baby doll away. I’m a little bit more of a hard a$$ than my sweet husband. I won’t give in.

She tried anyway.

She failed.

I say, “Lily when you say please, I’ll give you your baby.” She then throws her body back (gently of course) and proceeds to whine.  We then (of course) laugh while trying to contain it. I don’t want her thinking that this behavior is ok.

She does this for about the next 20 minutes. I ask her to say Please, and she throws her body down. Something happened and she ended up hurting herself and Benjamin gave her the baby so she’d feel better.

I mean really. She’ll say sorry if she things she has hurt you and if you accidentally hurt her, she’ll say sorry! sorry! Please and thank you? Not happening. For now. Manners are big with me. She will have manners.

Even if it kills me.

Question of the day: Any pet peeve’s that you have?


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