Rubber Ducky…

Lily loves her bath time. She will come up and ask to get in. “Tub?” Sometimes, she’ll get in all by herself…


July 6th 002

July 6th 003

These were taken a couple of days ago. This afternoon when I got home from work, she was playing on the toys Auntie Jeri brought over yesterday. I’ll get some video of her playing on it. It’s really cute. It’s a car with a ramp and it goes flying down.

I digress.

She smelled of a well played toddler. She really needed a bath.

July 6th 004 

She loves to get on her tummy and pull herself back and forth in the water. Yes, I let the water go up well past her belly button. I’m always in the bathroom watching things so she gets to have the water on the whole time.

July 6th 007

So we have this slow dribble and she likes to fill it up and then wash her tummy off.

July 6th 008 

It may not look like it, but her hair is very thick and very curly. She does not have a pony tail in her hair. It just stays up like that. So I was messing around…

July 6th 013July 6th 014

Her hair is long enough that it goes down past her shoulder blades. It’s just so curly, that it never goes past the base of her skull.  That’s my little red head.

Question of the day: How much water do you think it too much in the tub?


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