Our July 4th

So we did something a little different this year… We were invited over to Katy’s house. Who’s Katy? Well, she is Kathryn’s best friend. In fact, Katy’s full name is Katheryn. Kathryn goes over to Katy’s house a lot. I also happen to get along with Katy’s parents and her mother and I can talk for hours. Literally. So when they invited us, I said “sure.”  It was a BBQ with fireworks later in the evening.

All we were to do was show up. I insisted on bringing something. So I brought this:

July 4th 016

Those are dessert pizza’s. I got the idea here.

They were really yummy and I plan on doing it again. I did the stars all by myself. No cookie cutter. I thought I did a pretty good job.

The food was really yummy. I had pig. They smoked the whole thing. I didn’t eat the whole thing… I also had some potato salad that was sweetened.  My mother doesn’t sweeten her salad, so of course, I thought it was too sweet. It was still good. I had fresh fruit and popcorn.

Lily then found this:

July 4th 028

Kathryn is following her up the slide because it was like 15 feet at the top. And, yes, Bridget, I am an over protective mother. July 4th 029

She played on this for about an hour.

July 4th 038

Then we have Kathryn:

July 4th 043

Who is part monkey.

July 4th 045

And we wonder why she brakes all those bones. Yes, she has a severe vitamin D deficiency, but she also does things like this too.


July 4th 063

You know, my oldest child wanted in on the fun too…

Lily then found a dog… and she loves her some dog.

July 4th 077

Even if it’s fake. Katy has severe animal allergies.

July 4th 084

Here are all the kids, getting ready to start the fireworks. For as many people that were there, it was surprising orderly. July 4th 085

I’m a bit hesitant to show this picture… My parent’s frown upon kids holding fireworks…

July 4th 091

Um, yeah, this one too.

July 4th 102

She was so excited. She was coming back from setting off some fireworks. She was bouncing up and down and was so giddy. Priceless.

July 4th 109

After about 2 hours, the kids were done and then the big boys wanted to light off their fireworks. So the kids laid down to view the show. 

July 4th 146

I don’t know if y9ou noticed the picnic table in the earlier shots, but there are pieces of cinder block where they put the fireworks as they set them off. However, a couple of them fell sideways and came right at us. It was funny because no one got hurt, but one of her Japanese maple trees caught on fire. Whoops! The picnic table also caught on fire.

It was a very fun time. We’re glad we went.

Question of the day: Do you let your children (or yourself) hold fireworks? If so, why? If not, why not?


3 comments on “Our July 4th

  1. Joseph says:

    I cannot Believe Ben is wearing a CUBS cap. Never thought I'd see the day.

  2. Joseph says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Not a big fan of holding fireworks. A, it's pricey. B, I'm a scaredy cat mom and can be very overprotective if I don't know a lot about something dangerous, like, say fireworks. Sounds like you guys had fun! And I love the dessert pizza's! They look delish!

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