She can work a Microscope, but not a toaster

My sweet Lauren. She is a very nerdy child. AP Math, perfect scores in science, loves to read any and all directions. Has a smart phone, a laptop and an iPod touch. . However, she cannot seem to figure out the


So it’s Friday night. We’re just doing whatever for dinner. Lauren wanted chocolate chip Eggo waffles. So she puts hers in the toaster and comes to sit down at the dinner table with Benjamin and I. Later, the Eggo waffles pop up. They are burned to a crisp. What?? Lauren, what number is the settings on? Lauren: 2. Benjamin’s all, well, it only needs to be on 1. I think 2 is just fine and we can’t figure out why they are burning to a crisp. So we tell her to throw them out. Start new.


We go over to investigate… and this is what we see:IMG_2319 

Um, yeah, it’s on 5.5. We told her that the line is where it is set. So she thought it was on 2, when it was almost as high as it would go. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, she says.


Mind you, this was her SECOND attempt.



Behold: Her hockey pucks!

As I turn around, Lily is playing in this drawer. I found her with some glue stick trying to put it on like lip gloss. *sigh*



Question of the day: Did you do anything weird as a child? I did… Look in the comments for my answer! While you’re there, leave me a funny story!


One comment on “She can work a Microscope, but not a toaster

  1. Sherrie says:

    wow that baby has one angry look on her face. LOL how dare you interupt her.

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