Nerdy is her middle name

So Lauren received a microscope for her birthday. It came via UPS the day after her birthday. Since her dad worked until almost 10 last night and I went with Jeri to Eclipse except we saw the trilogy so we were in the movie theater at 4 in the afternoon, we didn’t get it out and set up until just now. (which is last night)

So I decided to chronicle our evening today. I got home and Erik wanted to spend the night. So I let Lily and him go out on our back deck and play in the water.

June 30th 001

Stick ‘em up Auntie!

No, wait, take this picture, this is my “I can get whatever I want face”

June 30th 004

Dontcha know, this face works on Grandma every time he says. All I have to do is look like this and she says “Erik sweetheart, what do you want?” Gotta love kids. 

June 30th 005 

Lily loves playing in the water.

We then had dinner. Pork chops and yellow potatoes. Yum! After that… the microscope came out. Now, Benjamin and Lauren weren’t too happy to have me clicking away. A lot of the times, I was just messing with settings. June 30th 008

Benjamin is making a face. I’ve already taken like 10 pictures so far. This one is the first to turn out. The way it was meant to anyway.

June 30th 012

Here is Lauren, doing what she loves best: Reading the directions.

June 30th 015

Typical Benjamin face.

June 30th 018

Daddy and Lauren very into what they’re doing. Kathryn? Making faces. Ya know, the usual.

June 30th 021

Messing around with the monochrome. Lauren is purposely ignoring me.

June 30th 022

Putting the top on.

June 30th 027

Just call her Vanna White. (no flash)

June 30th 037

Trying to figure out how to focus it. Yes, I had to actually look up the microscopes on Google because I forgot the word FOCUS. I seriously need some sleep.

June 30th 040

Daddy’s turn at looking.

June 30th 045

Benjamin is explaining that she is to take two slides and put them together and that she doesn’t need a special film cover for it. Lauren? OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I get it now.

June 30th 047

I come down to blog and what do I find on the desk? The hat I got Benjamin on the thingy that curves the bill of the hat. He’s very excited.

Question of the day: What was your favorite subject in school?


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