Such a sweet face…


July 12th & 22nd 039

This is a picture of Lily after she’s been playing hard outside. When she plays, she plays. She is dirty and smells of a well played toddler.

We just took her off of the bottle. I know, and I don’t want to hear it. This is they way I do it. ‘nuff said.

It’s been 4 days. She mourns her bottle. Just cries for it. She keeps asking for her bottle. We kept telling her it went “night night.” Until tonight. When we told her it was gone. 

“Gone? Where did go?” she said. 

So I of course reply… “It went to the garbage.”

Lauren told us that she didn’t know what that meant. We told her she knew what it meant. She throws stuff away in the garbage all the time. To prove Lauren wrong, when we got home, she looked in the garbage for her bottle.

RIP bottle. We will not miss you. At all.

Question of the day: When did you take bottle away from your kids? and…. the pacifier? Yes, Lily still has her paci.


Girl’s Camp

We stayed for a whole 24 18 hours.

You see, girls camp is full of… well… GIRLS.

Not just your average girls, but MORMON GIRLS.

Who make up funny rhymes about MORMON BOYS.

Then they sing yell  these funny rhymes.



Screaming, yelling, happy MORMON girls.

Lauren. Just. Couldn’t. Handle. It.

I sometimes forget that Lauren just doesn’t do loud noises. And confusion. Lots of confusion.

So we came home. The next morning.  These were the pictures that we took. Of our whole 18 hour experience.

July 12th & 22nd 001

Lauren making her bed. See, they were the “Lion Queens” so of course, the YCL made them all “crowns” with jewels.


July 12th & 22nd 005

July 12th & 22nd 006

Most of the group together.

And that was our camp experience.

Question of the day: Do you like to camp? If so, what is your version of camping?

This doesn’t involve bouncing, does it?


Yeah, right. Like I believe that one.

So we’ve had our queen size mattress up and we had it downstairs because I can’t sleep very well in the heat. We have our air conditioner down there. So last week, Karl and Erik spent two days at our house. I come home Thursday night to Karl being very excited to show me something. It went something like this.

Karl: Auntie Sara, I have something awesome to show you!! Kathryn, lay down on the air mattress.

Auntie Sara: You aren’t running and then bouncing on the mattress are you?

Karl: *deer caught in the headlights look* Ahhhh, NOOOOOO, Auntie Sara, why would we do that?

Auntie Sara: OK, Karl, show me.

July 12th & 22nd 041

Stretching, getting ready….

July 12th & 22nd 044

Kathryn trying to get Lily off the bed… But Lily has other plans…

July 12th & 22nd 045

So what I missed with my camera is Karl flying through the air, and landing on one side of the bed. Kathryn literally flies up and then lands. What I also missed was Lexi. Just as Karl was flying through the air, Lexi jumped up onto the mattress and she also went flying. Except she also did a cart wheel while flying. She wasn’t too happy about it.

So since I didn’t get a picture of Kathryn flying through the air, I of course, had them do it one more time.

July 12th & 22nd 046

There is Kathryn catching air.

July 12th & 22nd 047 

And Karl’s satisfied look.


Question of the day: What did your parent’s not allow growing up?

Where is my Staple’s button?

Because “THAT WAS EASY!’’

Easy doing what you ask? Wellll…. Benjamin and I received free tickets from one of our vendors to go to the baseball game tonight.

For the past couple of years, they have been under construction and even before that, it was hard to get into the qwest parking center. In fact, it would take us sometimes up to 45 minutes to even get to the parking garage. To get out? Was even worse.

Here is a link to an article about the construction. Usually, I get annoyed at all the construction to “add” another lane for about 2 miles when it doesn’t really do any good. However… this was easy.

Easy breezy cover girl easy. We went out to dinner and we took our sweet time at dinner and thought we were going to be way late. Boy of boy were we wrong.  We literally drove up to the parking with NO traffic whatsoever. We paid and parked where there weren’t a ton of cars. (4th floor) and when the game was over? We drove out almost as fast as when we came in. It was harder to get out of Safeco Field than it was to get out of the parking garage and onto I-90. Now, I gotta say, there was some genius engineer there. I was way impressed.

Question of the day: What is your favorite sport and why?

Just say please, PLEASE?

So I have one very demanding daughter. She’s 2. I’ve never gone through the “terrible 2’s” with my other children. Lauren didn’t in fact really get into the why’s or how’s.

Anyway… Lily will go without rather than say please. I mean really. Seriously??

Last night, we went over to my parent’s house for dinner. After we cleaned up, we went in the living room to chat. While we were doing this, Benjamin was out on the trampoline with Lily. She loves to jump and it’s a huge treat for her daddy to go out there with her.

She’s really into babies lately. She took one of the girls’ cabbage patch dolls.  Stripped him of clothes and now carries him around telling us that her baby is crying. Or poopy. Or tired. Mostly, he just cries all the time. She’ll come in “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, my baby is crying” wanting us to pat him on the back and make things better.

She’s also really into saying “GIMME!! GIMME BACK!” Excuse me? Gimme? That is not ok in my house. However, she loves to say it. ALL. THE. TIME. So we’re trying to teach her to say please. Now it’s not like she can’t say it. She talks in sentences when she wants to. She knows how to say please.

So while Benjamin and Lily were out on the trampoline, something happened and Benjamin had her doll. Next thing he knew, she was demanding. “Gimme back my baby!”  Oh no she didn’t! So he comes in with the baby cradled in his arms *insert giggling* defiant with her baby.

He looks at her and says “When you can say please, I’ll give you your baby back.” So she looks at me like I’m going to save her! Yeah right. She looks at both of my parent’s and they don’t do anything. So she goes about her business. Benjamin came in and sat down next to me. I took the baby doll away. I’m a little bit more of a hard a$$ than my sweet husband. I won’t give in.

She tried anyway.

She failed.

I say, “Lily when you say please, I’ll give you your baby.” She then throws her body back (gently of course) and proceeds to whine.  We then (of course) laugh while trying to contain it. I don’t want her thinking that this behavior is ok.

She does this for about the next 20 minutes. I ask her to say Please, and she throws her body down. Something happened and she ended up hurting herself and Benjamin gave her the baby so she’d feel better.

I mean really. She’ll say sorry if she things she has hurt you and if you accidentally hurt her, she’ll say sorry! sorry! Please and thank you? Not happening. For now. Manners are big with me. She will have manners.

Even if it kills me.

Question of the day: Any pet peeve’s that you have?

Rubber Ducky…

Lily loves her bath time. She will come up and ask to get in. “Tub?” Sometimes, she’ll get in all by herself…


July 6th 002

July 6th 003

These were taken a couple of days ago. This afternoon when I got home from work, she was playing on the toys Auntie Jeri brought over yesterday. I’ll get some video of her playing on it. It’s really cute. It’s a car with a ramp and it goes flying down.

I digress.

She smelled of a well played toddler. She really needed a bath.

July 6th 004 

She loves to get on her tummy and pull herself back and forth in the water. Yes, I let the water go up well past her belly button. I’m always in the bathroom watching things so she gets to have the water on the whole time.

July 6th 007

So we have this slow dribble and she likes to fill it up and then wash her tummy off.

July 6th 008 

It may not look like it, but her hair is very thick and very curly. She does not have a pony tail in her hair. It just stays up like that. So I was messing around…

July 6th 013July 6th 014

Her hair is long enough that it goes down past her shoulder blades. It’s just so curly, that it never goes past the base of her skull.  That’s my little red head.

Question of the day: How much water do you think it too much in the tub?

Our July 4th

So we did something a little different this year… We were invited over to Katy’s house. Who’s Katy? Well, she is Kathryn’s best friend. In fact, Katy’s full name is Katheryn. Kathryn goes over to Katy’s house a lot. I also happen to get along with Katy’s parents and her mother and I can talk for hours. Literally. So when they invited us, I said “sure.”  It was a BBQ with fireworks later in the evening.

All we were to do was show up. I insisted on bringing something. So I brought this:

July 4th 016

Those are dessert pizza’s. I got the idea here.

They were really yummy and I plan on doing it again. I did the stars all by myself. No cookie cutter. I thought I did a pretty good job.

The food was really yummy. I had pig. They smoked the whole thing. I didn’t eat the whole thing… I also had some potato salad that was sweetened.  My mother doesn’t sweeten her salad, so of course, I thought it was too sweet. It was still good. I had fresh fruit and popcorn.

Lily then found this:

July 4th 028

Kathryn is following her up the slide because it was like 15 feet at the top. And, yes, Bridget, I am an over protective mother. July 4th 029

She played on this for about an hour.

July 4th 038

Then we have Kathryn:

July 4th 043

Who is part monkey.

July 4th 045

And we wonder why she brakes all those bones. Yes, she has a severe vitamin D deficiency, but she also does things like this too.


July 4th 063

You know, my oldest child wanted in on the fun too…

Lily then found a dog… and she loves her some dog.

July 4th 077

Even if it’s fake. Katy has severe animal allergies.

July 4th 084

Here are all the kids, getting ready to start the fireworks. For as many people that were there, it was surprising orderly. July 4th 085

I’m a bit hesitant to show this picture… My parent’s frown upon kids holding fireworks…

July 4th 091

Um, yeah, this one too.

July 4th 102

She was so excited. She was coming back from setting off some fireworks. She was bouncing up and down and was so giddy. Priceless.

July 4th 109

After about 2 hours, the kids were done and then the big boys wanted to light off their fireworks. So the kids laid down to view the show. 

July 4th 146

I don’t know if y9ou noticed the picnic table in the earlier shots, but there are pieces of cinder block where they put the fireworks as they set them off. However, a couple of them fell sideways and came right at us. It was funny because no one got hurt, but one of her Japanese maple trees caught on fire. Whoops! The picnic table also caught on fire.

It was a very fun time. We’re glad we went.

Question of the day: Do you let your children (or yourself) hold fireworks? If so, why? If not, why not?