It’s official. I am now the mother of a teenager.

Lauren Birthday

A very unhappy teenager to boot.

Her birthday present isn’t here yet. Shhhh, it’s a secret, but we got her one of these… and it doesn’t come until tomorrow.

Yes, she is nerdy. Very nerdy. I wonder what she’ll want for Christmas this year. This is what she got last year.  I’m assuming she’ll want one of these next.

Question of the day: What is your favorite toy?


Edit to add:

Lauren: Mom, I want to go and get some pumpkin pie for my birthday today.

Me: OK.

Lauren: We have to go to Albertson’s. They always have it.

Me: OK, let’s go.

Leaving Albertson’s with said pie.

Me: Oh, shoot, I forgot to get you candles so the whole office can sing Happy Birthday to you!

Lauren: Nah, that’s OK. If we put candles in it, it will ruin my pumpkin pie. I just want to eat the pie.

Me: Oooooooooook then. *Don’t mess with a girl and her pie!*


One comment on “*GULP*

  1. Michelle says:

    She sounds like my Courtney!

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