Home Again… Home Again


Here is Ellwood getting ready to come home. He is giddy with anticipation.

So we finally made it home. Barely. Going to the airport was just fine. Going through security? Peachy. Insulin? Fine. Antiques?? Great. We get out to our gate and we play the waiting game. However, when it came time to board, they didn’t board us. I don’t know what they were doing. They kept calling people up and giving them new tickets. We were wondering what was going on.


See? Ellwood is all ready to go!

So when we were supposed to take off, that’s when they finally got us boarding. Mom was in group 2 and I was in group 5. No, we weren’t sitting together. Did you know that they are sticklers for making sure that your carry on item actually fits into those little boxes? So I watched as people were getting on, she was making most everyone put their carry on in the bin. So I take out the computer and mom’s keyboard to her iPad and put it in my “purse” because we had all of our antiques on the carry on and there was no way we were going to check it. Too many good deals for them to throw it around down under.


So my group finally gets called and I board. What do you know, Ellwood jumps out and gets his seatbelt on.


Silly Ellwood. I guess he didn’t understand the lady when she announced that the plane was full. As in no extra seats.


So remember up above when I mentioned that we barely made it home? Well, American Airlines was having it’s issues with their planes yesterday. Well, our flight was booked solid because they were having issues with some of their planes and a couple of them broke down. So we all get on the plane, we’re all seat belted up, and it’s about 85 degrees in the cabin.


About that time, the captain comes on the PA system and announces that jet airplanes start their engines using the cooling system in the plane. And that ours was broken and they were trying to manually start the engines. I’m thinking…


What happens if the engines stall in the middle of the flight? Have you ever noticed that when they are giving you instructions in case of an emergency on a plane… They always talk about floatation devices? They never say anything about crashing into the nice hard.packed.earth. Probably because there are usually no survivors. Oh yeah, my faith in American Airlines is great about this point.


Well, we made it home safe and sound. Late. Of course,  because everyone had to shove their carry one items to make sure there would be plenty of room. *rolls eyes*


Question of the day: Who is your favorite airline to fly with and why?


2 comments on “Home Again… Home Again

  1. Michelle says:

    I don't think I have a favorite airline….well actually I do, but it's a foreign line called Scandinavian Air, never had I had such a good, comfortable experience with any air carrier. American, hate em, southwest, HATE em, United, hate em. I have had good luck with Delta so far, but I hate all of their baggage fees. Blah on all of them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Alaska Airlines – the biggest and comfiest seats and the most legroom.

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